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the ant and the grasshopper story

The Ant And The Grasshopper

a story of the Ant and the Grasshopper is a wonderful story for kids to take advantage of the benefits of doing work.

the ant and the grasshopper story

The summer is almost finished and the ant is still working hard and hard, gathering food from everywhere and filling its house with food and food in preparation for the winter … He got tired of it and carrying a heavy bag to take him home while walking, I heard the sound of sweet music ringing in every Where I grew up and started searching for the source of these fresh tunes … I asked the ant-grasshopper if he was looking for food, he made fun of them and continued to sing and Ant warned him not to collect food because he will not find anything to eat in the winter …

ant and the grasshopper story with moral

The grasshopper went to the house of the ant and sat next to a tree and he began to cry, regretting the summer days that were lost in singing and singing. . The ant came out of her house to keep the snow away from the entrance to the house. The soldier was crying and the snow was almost covering him. She said to him: “This is what I feared. I put the summer days in the snow and did not count the winter and its cold days.” Come home to enjoy the warmth.

The ant gave the food to the grasshopper who said, It was better to listen to your advice. Thank you, ant.” The answer was: You can spend the winter in my house and promise to work with me to collect food.

what is the moral of the story

Work today guarantees your days of tomorrow.

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