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Bom Bom story for students

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story for students

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Bom Bom

Our hero in this story is a wonderful boy.He is called Tom.He loves his Family so much.

Now he is living with his grandmother .
she is a beautiful and fantastic woman. she is living in the town.

Tom Family was living in the country. He came to visit his grandmother and story with her for some time .

[ once while Tom was walking in the street he saw a heritable scene . He saw a big accident. that wonderful Tom hurried up to save the people in that accident. He saw a baby was crying . Tom carried the baby and made him laugh. The mom of the baby than ked Tom and gave him a fantastic watch . Tom was very happy for this]

after that Tom walked on his way to the house, suddenly he saw a big shadow coming to wads him. He a f raided of that shadow. suddenly when the shadow disappeared . Tom laughed and laughed loudly.
I was a cat.
oh, No a very beautiful and cute cat.
Tom carried the cat and said ( oh! my beautiful cat.
I love cats so much . i wold called it a beautiful and strange name) .

Tom called the cute cat a very stage name . but that name was exciting. what was the name of the cat do you think? yes, it was Bom Bom.
[ Tom carried Bom Bom and went home .
his grand mother was happy to see him back.

The grand mother saw the cute cat. she was surprised to see a cute cat in her house. she also loved cute cats.

Tom was very happy that Bom Bom found a lovely family. Tom take some of his clothes and made a wonderful bed for Bom Bom .
also Bom Bom was very very happy. Now it could sleep in a com for table bed . it could have a nice breakfast] .

suddenly a loud shout of Bom . bom had came out from the house.

oh! what happened ? said Tom. oh! Dear little Bom. Bom .
It was injured . its leg was broken Tom hurried up and called the vet.

The vet was one of the neighbors. the vet hurried up to Tom and asked him what was the wrong ? Tom told him the story and the vet saw the broken leg of Bom Bom .

The vet was called Alex. He was a funny guy .

Oh! My God said Alex he saw some thing that was ighting Bom Bom had a golden necklace it was a wonderful one. Alex was very exciting the necklace had a name on it . Alex told Tom about the necklace. tom was surprised because he carried Bom .Bom , but he didn’t see that necklace. The surprise that Tom had was a happy one , but Tom and Alex wondered whose name that was on the necklace . the name on the necklace was Tete Alex guessed that name was the first name that Bom Bom had. tom knew that was an owner of Bom Bom.]

Tom told Alex about his intention to try to get Bom . Bom back to his read owner. Alex was happy for that intention . he told tom that he will help him to get Bom Bom back to its family .

Alex first will treat the broken leg of Bom Bom then he will help tom to look for Bom Bom first owner .
tom bring a declensions food and fended Bom bom .

Bom Bom was very happy that Tom was a very nice guy.

three days later, Bom Bom started to move and its health became better . tom had two feelings , happiness and sadness .
how that could be. happiness and sadness in the same time .

yes , he was happy that Bom Bom had be better and he was sad that Bom Bom would leave him.
Tom loved Bom bom so much and wanted it to stay with him but even Tom would leave and return to his family in the country .
it was difficult on both Tom and Bom bom to separated now seven days had gone and every day Tom tries to get the a dress of the owner of Bom bom .

Tom had a very nice time with Bom Bom and his grandmother .
Bom Bom liked playing with string specially the ball of string .
Bom Bom was cute , lovely and exciting cat .

[ one day the door of Tom grandmother house knocked . tom said who was there , on old woman answered please open the door .
tom hurried to open the door .
oh! she was a very rich woman she had a lot of jewelry .
Tom as surprised to see such a woman .

welcome said Tom. The old woman smiled and came in she looked right and left .
Tom said how could i help you she said oh ! poor Tete where could it be . Tom opened his eyes in a surprised scene , Tete ! how could you know Tete .
She told Tom that she was the owner of Tete and had an accident on that night that Tom saw the accident and found Tete ]

[ Tom called Bom Bom it came fast. The old woman was surprised . oh ! how could it be Bom Bom ? it was Tete my lovely Tete.
tom told her the story and she felt grateful to Tom . the old woman called Tete, but it was strange that Tete didn’t answer her. She called again and again without answering .
Tom called Bom Bom . it came fast . the old woman was sad for a while then she knew that Tete had a new owner anew friend Tom was very very surprised and also very very happy when the old woman said Tom toy were the best friend of Tete you took care of it and treated him very well ].

[ The old rich woman rewarded Tom with a wonderful reward .
that reward was that Tom could keep Tete as Bom Bom in his house . Tom was very very happy that had Bom Bom . not any Bom Bom but also the golden necklace .
The old woman gave Tom a lot of money as a reward and to take care of Bom Bom].

[ Finally the old woman called Bom bom and kissed it and wished it a happy and a comfortable life with Tom and she went on her way .
Bom Bom was happy to be with Tom .
and Tom was also happy to have Bom bom. Now Bom Bom was one of Tom family and Tom had the money to be happy with Bom Bom .
The broken leg of Bom Bom be came better and better .

Tom was happy and also Bom Bom].

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