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Sweet little pony

A story for kindergarten is a small easy to be read story for the kindergarten kids . It’s not complicated or long . It tells a story about things that can be understood easily at early ages.

Story for kindergarten

A story for kindergarten is a good reading for activity time . You gather your indergarten kids in a circle and start telling them a light story .

Let’s read the following lines to know what the story is about this time.

Sweet little pony

Anna is a little sweet girl who lives in a farm with her parents . She has two older siblings ; a girl named Maya and a boy named Mark .

Anna loves her brother and sister a lot . They play with her all the time in the farm and take care of farm animals with Anna. They love Anna a lot and love sharing with her hat she loved doing .

Today is Anna’s birthday . She is so excited about celebrating her birthday party.She started decorating the house with the help of her brother and sister . They beautifully decorated the house.  

Anna’s parents saw the decorations and told them that they were so nice . They wished Anna a happy birthday . Anna asked her parents if her friends will be there to celebrate her birthday and they told her that all of them will be there .

Anna went to her bedroom and wore a beautiful dress . Her mother combed her hair beautifully and put a little glittery princess tiara on her head . The tiara looked perfect on her . Anna was glowing literally. She was happy that she was going to celebrate her birthday.

It was time for her birthday. Anna started welcoming her guests with her family.

Anna’s friends came . When she saw them she took them to the garden to play . They played together a lot and then Anna took them to the animals to show them what she had.

She showed them the chickens , the rabbits , the cows and the most beautiful of all …. the stable …which full of horses.

Anna had four big horses in the stable . Two for her parents and two for her siblings . Anna used to ride with anyone of her family . She couldn’t ride a big horse before she grows up more . She’s still young for riding a big horse . She told her friends that one day she will have a horse too for her to ride .

They went back to playing .

It was time for her to blow her birthday candles .

She asked all her friends to join her . They went to the table which had a big cake on . It was a big cake with her picture on it . They all sang the birthday songs to Anna. Anna blew the candles.  They all wished a happy birthday to her . Her friends started giving her the presents. She opened the one following the other and was very happy. Her parents told her that it was time for their birthday present . She asked them what was it but they asked her to wait for a while till she sees it . She kept thinking about it .

When her parents prepared their surprise they asked Anna to go with them to the stable.

She quickly went with them to find her surprise . She found a beautiful little pony with wide brown eyes. It’s color was white .  Anna jumped out of happiness . She thanked her parents so much and asked them to ride the pony . They happily helped her ride the small pony . She kept taking rounds and rounds with her horse and felt so proud of the little pony she had .

Her friends saw the pony and Anna allowed them to ride it one after the other . They were so happy because it was such a cute pony .

Her birthday party was over and all the guests left . She thanked her parents for the party and for the amazing pony and promised them to take care of the little pony . Her parents took her to her bedroom and asked her to get some sleep. She quickly slept after a big exciting day .

It was a lovely surprise to Anna . Lucky you Anna to receive such a gift …

The End

A little story for kindergarten told us the story about little Anna’s birthday and how she was lucky receiving a cute little pony . Don’t we all want to receive a little pony as a gift …

If you want to read more stories then you should wait for the coming story to know what’s the coming story is about …

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See you then…

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