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Story about friends

Mark and Jason Story about friends

Story about friends tells us stories about friends in our lives. We all have things to talk about concerning friends .We have good friends and we have bad friends.

Story about friends

A story about friends teaches your child some things to be considered when choosing his friends. Friends are a blessing in our lives. Sometimes we are lucky to find good ones , these good ones are the ones who help us all the time and help us move on with our lives . We share many things with our friends the good things and the bad things…

A true friend is a blessing…

Let’s read the following story together to know what is it about…

Mark and Jason

Mark and Jason are good friends. They grew up together and hanged out together all the time .

Coincidence played a big role in their knowing each other. It was their second year in their school … They saw each other a couple of times in school but didn’t talk to each other.

One day when their school day came to an end , they both rode their bikes to go home but both stopped at an ice cream shop to buy some fresh ice cream.

They both ordered the same flavor . When Mark was paying for his ice cream he found that he doesn’t have enough for his ice cream . Jason quickly told Mark that he can lend him the rest … Mark thanked Jason for his help and then they started to chat … From that time they never parted. They became best friends sharing everything with each other . They shared their interests and dislikes …

Today was an important day for both of them. They both were to sign up for the school football team . Both boys went to write down their names and were waiting to be tested so that they choose the ones who are fit .

The boys have been practicing a lot for that moment . They both wanted to be in the football team. The coach started testing all the boys there and asked them to wait for the results which were going to be announced the following day.

The boys left school and wanted to eat ice cream on their way . They both stopped at the ice cream shop and started chatting about football and how both wished to be players in the team. They kept talking for a while. They both kept dreaming of becoming well known players in football . They both couldn’t wait to know the results of their tests …

The following day , Mark passed by Jason to go together to their school . Mark passed earlier than the usual because the results of the football players were to be announced earlier that day. They both rode their bikes quickly to go to school . When they reached their school , they found that the results were hanged on the wall .

They searched for their names and luckily they found that both were accepted … They both were so excited…They both will be together in the team which meant  double fun…They will practice together with the team and play football matches together too…

They both couldn’t wish for more…

The boys started to practice daily and to train themselves even more to show to the captain that were good players… They used to go to school practice with their coach and then practice again together after school …

During weekends they used to meet to practice more… All of that actually helped them a lot …

The captain of the team found that they were becoming better by time so they became the two main players in the team… The coach started to depend on them on everything … He gave them extra attention because he knew that they were exerting much effort. They were doing the best they could…

One day when they were training it started to rain, Mark didn’t pay attention to his next step and he slipped… he fell on his leg and it was injured badly The coach and Jason took him quickly to the doctor .

The doctor examined Mark and told him that he should rest for a while and to stop training . Mark was so sad that he will stop his football training for a while. He wanted to continue practicing till it’s time for their season matches.  

Jason tried to lessen the pressure that Mark was feeling and told him that he should stop worrying about it and take his medications properly so that he gets well faster. The coach also confirmed his words and asked him to rest to become better .

The following days Jason kept going to his football trainings to practice and then when he finishes training he goes to Mark and then goes home . It was a long day for him but he was happy that he was helping his friend.

A lot of days passed and Mark was the same .Jason tried to help his friend as much as he could but Mark wasn’t feeling well because he stayed for many days at home without training.

Jason thought one evening of taking Mark out for a walk and to help him as much as he can to walk properly. Mark was so happy when Jason suggested that.

Mark took his crutches to help him walk properly. It was hard at first but then Mark started walking better with the help of his friend.

Jason started taking Mark out every day so that he gets better faster . Mark started getting better thanks to Jason. Jason was doing his best with Mark because he knew that he was feeling very sad because he couldn’t practice football.

By time Mark started getting better . Jason helped him to continue practicing football again.

Mark did the best he could be fit one more time for football. Finally Mark was ready and Jason couldn’t be happier. Mark will practice with him again.

When the coach saw Mark standing in front of him and feeling better he was so happy . It was a good surprise for him to see that he recovered faster than he expected , thanks to Jason for that .

The bond between him and his friend was a strong one which gave him the power to do more.

He asked them to keep practicing so that they win the matches of the season .

That was good news for Mark and Jason as well . They will practice together and both will go to the season’s football matches.

When the matches began they won all matches the one following the other together as friends …

Their friendship was a very precious friendship . A friendship that we all wish to have in our lives.

The End

A story about friends showed us how Mark and Jason  were helpful to each other and were together in ups and downs . They helped each other all through the way . Their friendship was a rare one indeed. Hope all have good friends like them . The ones who can help you and be there for you all the time …

See you again my sweet bears and will be waiting for you with another story….

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