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The sad Turtle stories English

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The sad Turtle

Let’s inter the kingdom of animal with its beautiful and wonderful scenes. Kingdom of animal is a beautiful place where you can see animals. Many kinds of animals lives in the kingdom.

Our hero is one of those kind. It’s the slowest animal of the kingdom. It is the turtle. There was a turtle that always been sad. No one of the animals knew the reason of its sadness. It was called lily one day it was alone and thought that no one of the animals would understand the reason of its sadness.

Suddenly the monkey came and saw its sadness.

Why are you sad?

Said the monkey (I’m sad and no one can make me happy) said Lily.

The monkey was called Lego . Lego was a smart and brave monkey. It told Lily that it would help it to be happy. Lily was wondering if really Lego would help it to be happy. Lily was wondering if really Lego would help it. Lego wanted Lily to tell it the reason of its sadness. it still there in its place day after day. Once there was a loud sound.

All the animals small and big hurried up to know where that sound came from?

Suddenly Lego appeared it was so scared. What hipped, no one knew. After 3 minutes another animal appeared. Avery strong and brave animal was in the scene.

It was the Lion. Every animal scared like Lego. Only one animal wasn’t scared of the Lion. Which animal do you think wasn’t scary of the Lion.

It was Lily. Lily was the only animal that stayed in its place and didn’t scare the lion because it was very sad and the reason of its sadness made it forgot the Lion.

The Lion knew that every animal in the kingdom was scared of it. But wondered why wasn’t the turtle scared of him.

Lego saw Lily and saw the Lion. Lily was in danger, but it didn’t want to move.

The Lion Lego fast and made a wonderful jamb and carry Lily away from the way of the Lion.

After Lego helped Lily to be in a safe place, it asked it why are you sad Lily.

Lily thought deeply and said I would tell you the reason of my sadness.

I’m sad because I’m the slowest animal in the kingdom.

Said Lily: Lego was surprised of that reason. Really that was the reason that made Leli sad.

When Leli looked at Lego it knew that it wouldn’t help it to be faster. Lego was logical. It told it that God gave every animal a gift to be happy between the other animals. Lego told Lily that it would know that gift one day.

Lily still sad and went to its house. Lily dreamy that night with a wonderful dream.

It saw its self in a big green garden, there was a big fantastic lake.

Lily liked the garden very much and it decided to swim in that Lake. It swam in the Lake and saw that it was very happy. Yes, Lego told me that truth said Lily.

God gave me a wonderful gift. I can swim. Many other animals can’t swim. I like swimming said Lily. At that moment Lily woke up.

It was very happy and it knew that no one has everything but the most beautiful thing that to be satisfied with the gifts that God gave it.

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