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Small story in English

Cavity fighter Small story

Small story in English is a story that is short and easy that you can read to your children. It is simple and short and can be read in no time.  

Small story in English

Small story in English can be read during the day with your children when you want them to do something fun and useful at the same time …

Let’s read the coming story together …

Cavity fighter

No one likes teeth cavities but when you ignore brushing your teeth daily , your teeth will definitely have cavities…

Adam was a naughty boy who loved to do naughty things and didn’t like to follow any rules . Everyday he eats anything but healthy food and refused to wash his teeth. His mother argued a lot with him to convince him that he should brush his teeth but he was so careless.

Adam loved to eat sweets and enjoyed eating them at any time . He sneaked to eat sweets without his mother’s consent.

Every night he sneaked to eat more and more sweets and couldn’t stop . He didn’t realise that eating too much sweets will hurt his teeth badly one day .

One night when he was eating a lot of sweets , he felt a tooth ache . That didn’t stop him and he continued eating sweets even with the ache .

The following nights weren’t so different from the other ones  …

short story in English for kid

Adam didn’t care if his teeth ached or not he only cared about eating sweets …

One day Adam woke up with very bad toothache. He screamed out of pain and called his mother . When she asked him what was wrong with him , he told her that his tooth hurt him so badly and that a lot of teeth hurt in his mouth hurt so much that he couldn’t bare any more…

He was crying out of pain …

His mother told him that she will take him to the dentist and told him that his teeth ached because he didn’t stop eating sweets and stopped brushing his teeth as she asked him to do and told him that it was too late now …

Adam kept crying and couldn’t stop . For the first time , he realised that he hurt himself badly and now he had to visit the dentist whom he feared so much .  

You did that to yourself Adam … You could have listened to your mother but you chose not to.

His mother couldn’t find any near appointment with the dentist and they had to wait before they go . This misfortune made Adam hurt even more . He had to tolerate two more days before the dentist see Adam.

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It was painful for Adam but he had no other option except for waiting .

The two days passed so slow that he barely stopped crying . He kept telling his mother that he will never eat a lot of sweets again and will brush his teeth all the time .

It was finally the time to go to the dentist . When Adam saw the clinic , he felt so scared . He’s always feared dentists . When the doctor saw him he asked him to sit on the scary chair to examine his teeth .

Adam sat down and didn’t want the dentist to use his scary tools . After examination , the doctor told them that he had to remove a tooth because it was so damaged . Adam started to cry but there wasn’t any other option .

After quite a long and painful time for Adam, the doctor pulled out the tooth and showed it to Adam . When he saw it , he found it completely destroyed and coloured in black because of eating sweets.  

The doctor asked Adam to brush his teeth everyday and asked him to stop eating a lot of sweets .

Adam agreed for the first time with the doctor because he had a very tough time …

It was such a hard lesson for Adam …

The End

Small story in English

told us the story of Adam who ate sweets a lot which resulted in his tooth ache and his visiting the dentist who pulled out his tooth .

Always remember to brush your teeth and not to eat a lot of sweets…

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See you again little bears …

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