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simple story in English

The book fair simple story

simple story in English for your kids is a good short story talking about simple things happening in your life every now and then . It has meaningful lessons to be taught for your child in an entertaining way.

simple story in English

simple story in English for your kids helps you set some rules by learning from the good behaviour as well as the mistakes of the heroes in the story  . You enforce your lessons to your child sometimes through indirect ways . Indirect ways of learning better be presented to your child through fun stories and examples to be accepted in a better way from his side . You don’t have to present it all the time through orders given to your child…better to have these rules set in a different way…

So let’s read the following lines to know what will your child learn this time …

The book fair

Yaritza and Celi ‘s parents decided to go to the book fair which was held at that time by the ministry of education to take a look there and to buy the books they need .

They decided to go to the book fair earlier that day taking advantage of the good weather .

Their father drove the car to the book fair . They quickly reached the place since it wasn’t too far from their house.

When they entered the area where the book fair was , they found that it was a very big area divided into sections according to the origin of the books .

They saw many sections . Each section from a different country .  Inside every section was a large number of books alphabetically organized .Different genres of books were found and were arranged according to the age of the reader.

Yaritza and Celi were excited because they saw coloring books and a lot of bedtime stories …That’s what they like most… The girls found a lot of stories that caught their attention . They saw fantasy stories ,drama,romance, horror, adventure ,self help, science and action …Actually there were many types of books found there not just those types…

Different types of books been found at the book fair according to the interest of the reader.

If you are a good reader , then you will find a treasure in that book fair… a treasure than never ends…

Their parents also showed interest in many types of books there .They started searching for what they need.

Yaritza and Celi chose many books . They chose coloring, adventure and science books … They liked what they chose and wanted even to buy more …

Their parents loved the elders books and bought many books too but for advanced readers suitable for their age …

While they were taking their round in the book fair they found many writers too signing their books … Yaritza and Celi saw their favorite writer who writes their bedtime stories…

They asked their parents if he can sign their stories so they all went to the writer and had a little chat with him. They expressed to him how happy they were of his books and how the girls loved to buy his stories a lot whenever they find it . The writer was so pleased and signed their book . He asked the girls to always behave and added that he will give them an exclusive book edition that he’s just finished to encourage them more to read more … The girls were so excited and took the book and thanked the writer .

In a small section made specially for kids , a group of writers gathered and were telling some interesting kids stories to small children sitting in a small circle on the floor .

The girls asked their parents to join the small group and their parents agreed..

Yaritza and Celi loved the stories that the writers told them . The writers definitely caught the small kid’s attention. They told them more stories about their favorite characters . The kids seemed to enjoy every single story they told . They were listening to a lot of stories that the writers were telling . The writers chose to tell them the stories they loved . Yaritza and Celi ’s parents started taking pictures of them as a souvenir that day .

It was time for them to leave . The girls didn’t want to go at all and leave such a pleasant atmosphere but they had to leave .

It was such an enjoyable time for the small family . All of them bought good books to be read later.

When they got home , the girls started taking all books out so that their parents read for them .

Their parents kept reading for them till they fell asleep reading.

It was their small adventure of the day. Going to the book fair was something that they loved a lot .

The End

A simple story in English for kids presented the importance of reading through the book fair that the small family went to .

The whole family enjoyed their day at the book fair . Book fairs really benefit your kids . You should go to book fairs once you have the chance to.

Don’t forget to wait for us for the coming story …

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See you then with a new adventure …

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