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Simple short stories

Simple short stories

Simple short stories are light stories to be read by your child. They tell your child easy stories about the heroes of the story ,stories that they love to hear about .

Simple short stories

Simple short stories tell us different stories each time about things which happen in reality or sometimes in an imaginary world.

Let’s read the following lines together to know what story they tell us this time…

Our grandparents are here

Today grandpa and grandma are visiting Yaritza and Celi . The girls were waiting for them from the beginning of the day .It’s been a long time since they last visited them .It’s always fun when they are around . They play and do fun things with them ,besides they bring them lovely gifts and a lot of sweets when they come .

They were supposed to come at the beginning of the day but that didn’t happen.

They kept waiting for a long time for them because they didn’t show up on time . What could have happened to them .

Grandpa and grandma always come on time . They are never late. Grandpa called them before he left his house and told them that they will not be late for them . Now it’s the afternoon and they are still not here .

Their grandparents didn’t like to carry any cellular phones with them . Their parents tried before to convince them with it’s importance but they refused to buy any.

Their parents asked the girls to watch television till they arrive and so the girls started watching television .

Two hours later their grandparents arrived . The kids hurried to salute their grandparents . Their grandparents were happy to see the but they looked exhausted and their clothes were dirty . Their car also was dragged by another car. Their car was broken .  They were unlucky .It stopped working in the middle of the way. Grandpa tried to fix it but it refused to move. He did his best but the car didn’t want to move at all. They had to stop another car to drag their car . They had to wait for a whole hour till a car stopped for them .

It was a tough morning for their grandparents . Their parents asked them to use the bathroom to freshen up after that exhausting morning.

Their grandparents freshened up and they told them that they will rest for a while because they were really tired.

By the time they left to rest , the girls’ father called the mechanic to come and fix their car . It took him awhile yo be fixed because their car was old but it was ready at last.

Poor grandpa and grandma , they looked so tired .

After a couple of hours they woke up and left the room to join the family. Yaritza and Celi were happy to see them awake. They came carrying bags of sweets and presents for the kids . They took the bags happily . They found lovely presents and sweets to be eaten. The girls thanked their grandparents for the presents .

They asked them to come and sit with them in the living room till it’s lunch time.

They asked them about their morning . The grandparents started describing how tough was their morning .

Grandpa was driving his car and then the car suddenly started shaking till it stopped moving. He tried to start the engine again but it had no sign of life . He tried again and again but nothing. He desperately came out of the car to wave to any person by them but not a single driver stopped to help. He told them that after that he tried to push his car himself but he couldn’t do that alone at all because of his age . Finally a single driver stopped his car . He was an old man too and tried to help them but he couldn’t do anything either so he offered to drag their car to the place they wanted . Luckily he was heading to the same direction and dragged their car the whole way .

They really had a long morning , Yaritza and Celi hurried to the kitchen to bring them some juice to drink.

After a while they all had their lunch cooked by their mother. It was very delicious.

By evening time , they all sat in the garden enjoying some hot tea and some freshly baked cake.

The girls were waiting for their grandma’s tales . She used to tell them lovely stories before they go to sleep. Yaritza and Celi sat on the grass and started listening to her stories. She told them about the stories that they love to hear about . She told them about the famous stories that they love to hear about.  She told them the story of the’ Sleeping beauty ‘and the story of ‘Cinderella ‘ and many famous bedtime stories . They always love to hear grandma’s story.

They never miss them.

The evening soon came to an end and all left to sleep.

The following day the grandparents prepared themselves to leave . They said goodbye to all of them  and promised the small family to pass by again . The family accompanied their grandparents to their car . Their parents asked them to drive safe . They kept waving at their grandparents till they were out of sight …

Don’t we all love our grandparents’ visit.

It’s  always a lovely time with them.

The End

Simple short stories told us about the girls’ grandparents.  It was a short visit but for sure a lovely visit.

Wish you enjoyed this story. Don’t forget to wait for our coming story …

See you again sweet bears…

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