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simple English short story

The evil mouse short story

simple English short story is a simple short story that has same events . These events can be funny , sad or useful … etc . English story for kids presents a wonderful collection of simple English short story.

simple English short story

simple English short story gives you a mixture of happiness and learning in the same time . English story for kids helps you to learn and be happy.

The evil mouse

In a beautiful and small house , there was a couple . The owner of the house was a young man .That young man was a doctor. He had a kind wife. He loved every thing healthy and cleanly.

He arranged his house carefully.That doctor wanted his house to be one of the most beautiful houses in his town. His wife was a wonderful and beautiful woman .

She was tender and kind. The  doctor was called Alfred and his wife was called Eliza .

She loved her husband and respected him so much. Alfred was the best doctor in the town.
patient came to him from every where. His life was a wonderful one until same thing small happened .

one day Alfred and his wife went to visit a friend . Their friend was also a doctor . He was called Sam . Sam was very helpful to Alfred. Alfred and his wife Eliza had a wonderful time in Sam’s house .

It was a clear night. Alfred and his wife Eliza decided to return their house . The time was twelve 5’clock . they now is in their way to their house .

Alfred asked Eliza if she had spent a wonderful time . She answered that it was a wonderful time.

they are now at home . Alfred opened the door and entered the house then Eliza entered after him.

 He lighted the lambs. Suddenly Eliza screamed loudly. (What happened honey) Said Alfred.

Eliza Saw a terrible thing .

Oh! No, How Could that happened ? (a mouse in my house) said Eliza. Eliza was so sad .

She found a mouse in her house Alfred was very said also .

Alfred wanted his house to be very clean .

That evil mouse broke Alfred’s heart and destroyed his wishes to have a clean house. Eliza wanted Alfred to get rid of that evil mouse .

The evil mouse was running in the house to the left, to the right. suddenly, the evil mouse stopped.

It stared at Eliza’s shoes. Eliza was so scared of the mouse. She hates mouses so much.

The evil mouse run towards Eliza quickly. She ran from it quickly .

The mouse bite Eliza’s shoes . Eliza got faint immediately. then the mouse ran to the kitchen .

Alfred was can fused , Eliza’s fainting was unexpected . Alfred hurried to help Eliza .

Alfred was worried . He listened strange sounds came from the kitchen .

That evil mouse turned the light off and on. Dr Alfred quickened to help Eliza .

He carried her to her bed.

Alfred loved Eliza so much and hoped to live with her for ever . He went to the kitchen slowly to get rid of that evil mouse . That evil mouse was uneasy to get rid of .

Alfred remembered that Dr.Sam his best friend had a friend that was a vet , he was called Dr Jerry.

He loved mouse and made a lot of experiments about them quickly Alfred called Sam and told him the problem.

Sam gave Alfred the telephone number of Dr.Jerry.

Dr.Alfred called Dr.Jerry and told him that there is an evil mouse in his house.

Dr.Jerry relieved Dr. Alfred that the problem was easy to be solved .

The mouse ate all the food that was in the kitchen .

That mouse has a big stomach . Dr.Jerry wanted to take the mouse a live t make some experiments on him. Dr.Alfred didn’t care of what would happened to that mouse .

All what Dr.Alfred wanted was to get rid of that evil mouse.

The mouse was playing in the kitchen then came out to the hall then it entered the bathroom.

it loved Alfred’s bathroom and wanted to take a shower. Dr.Alfred became crazy of that mouse.

Dr.Alfred told Dr.Jerry to bring some poison to get rid of the evil mouse absolutely .

Dr.Jerry was sad that he couldn’t make his experiments , but he fulfilled Dr.Alfred wish and came to Dr.Alfred’s house.

Eliza became Fine and welcome Dr.Jerry .

Dr.Alfred had the poison and put it to the mouse.

The evil mouse took the poison and dead immediately.

Dr.Alfred thanked Dr.Jerry .

Eliza also thanked him again the house of Dr.Alfred became the most beautiful and clean house in the town .

Dr.Alfred was grateful to Dr.Jerry.

Dr.Alfred and Eliza lived a happy and quiet life together.

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