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Short story of two best friends

Short story of two best friends

Short story of two best friends tells us the story of loyal good friends.

our best friends who stay all the time by our side . It describes our best friends who understand us all the time .

Short story of two best friends

Short story of two best friends tells us the story of good friends who understand us without any words said . The good ones who don’t judge us when we feel down . Friendship doesn’t  always have to be between humans only . Friendship can be seen among animals and between animals and humans as well.

The following story will tells us the story of best friends in life …

Bruno and the twins

A long time ago in a faraway land , there was a farmer who had two little twins , a boy and a girl. The farmer owned a little dog too . The dog was called Bruno.

The farmer was poor . He had only a very small garden in front of his house . He used to plant his garden with the fruits and vegetables . He used to eat some , give some to the dog and sell the rest for some money to buy the rest of their daily needs.

The farmer’s twins were called Anna and Anton. Both kids had green eyes and black hair. They looked a lot like their mother . Their mother was very beautiful . She also had beautiful long black hair and green eyes.the small family helped each other taking care of the only thing they owned which was their little garden.

They were poor but they were really happy .

Anna and Anton true that they weren’t so bad but weren’t  so good either . They were a little bit naughty and couldn’t stay in a single place for a second. They loved to play and to go to the forest to pick flowers . They loved the forest a lot but unfortunately it wasn’t safe enough for the kids . The forest was full of animals and thieves . Their parents warned them a lot from going far from them but they never listened so their parents asked them to take their dog with them everywhere.

The kids loved Bruno a lot and loved it’s company so they took it everywhere. Bruno loved playing with the twins and somewhat became their guardian angel . Bruno faced anyone who annoyed the twins . No one could ever annoy the twins when Bruno was around. Bruno was their loyal friend. Their parents were somehow relieved when the dog was with their twins. They knew that it would take a good care of them.

One night the twins were playing in front of the house with Bruno . Their parents were inside the house . They saw a movement in front of them . They couldn’t see clearly what was moving because it was too dark . Bruno sensed something wrong so he barked loud . When he barked the movement stopped . Their parents went outside the house but they found nothing . They thought that the dog was just barking . Their parents asked them to go inside the house. Anna and Anton looked at each other in a way that both understood well.

The following day the family helped each other in the garden and then their father as usual left to sell the rest of the fruits and vegetables. By night the kids were playing outside the house as usual . They saw the movement again and heard a noise this time . The twins made sure that their parents were inside the house and not near them .

They then ran towards the movement and the same was for their dog . When they got closer they started to walk slowly and without any noise so as not to be heard . They saw some people holding a lot of gold in their hands. They had many bags next to them as well . They were thieves and the gold that they hold in their hands was stolen . They stole all of that gold from merchants . The twins heard their parents talking about it the previous day. They heard that a group of thieves started stealing from merchants a long time ago . Merchants couldn’t find out who were the thieves and tried to search for them everywhere but they couldn’t find any one of them .

Anna , Anton and Bruno watched them silently from a distance so as not to be seen . Suddenly one of the thieves  gazed his eyes and kept looking around because he believed that someone was watching them…

The thief didn’t know where to find the one who was watching them . The twins and their dog ran towards the nearest cave and hid. They kept silent so as not to be heard and the same was for their dog. The dog stood in front of twins to guard them in case they found them . Bruno was taking a good care of them . The twins stood behind him scared . They were afraid to make a single movement. The thieves got closer to them and stood near the cave’s entrance. Once they were standing right infront of the entrance Bruno left the twins and started barking very loud at the entrance that the thieves were afraid of it. They believed that the dog was for sure dangerous so they just left .

Bruno kept watching the thieves till they left . When the thieves were out of sight , Bruno kept pushing the kids to run away quickly . They all ran towards their house. They were finally safe . When they entered the house they told their parents about what happened in the forest. Their parents blamed them for going alone to such place but they were so happy at Bruno for taking a good care of their kids.

Their father then left quickly to tell the merchants about what happened and they all gathered to go together to the forest to catch the thieves. The thieves ran everywhere and tried to escape till the merchants finally managed to catch them .

The thieves told them about where the gold was and the merchants returned all their stolen gold . They were so pleased at the farmer who was the reason behind getting back all their gold and gave him a big sack of gold as a reward for him because he was honest enough to go and tell them about the thieves and didn’t search for the gold to keep it for himself.

The farmer went back to his house very happy that he took such a big reward . They became rich because of the reward. They were so happy and kept planning for what to do with the reward .

The small family then decided to buy a big land with the gold . They bought the land that they wanted and built a new big house with a very big garden in front of it . They made a small house specially for their loyal friend , Bruno, who was the main reason for what they had. Without Bruno , something bad could have happened to their kids. Because he was there, the kids were safe and went back to them to tell them about everything .

Bruno was such a good friend…

The End

Short story of two best friends told us the story of the friendship between humans and dogs . The friendship between best friends , humans and dogs. The story presented the loyal best friend Bruno who was the twins’s best friend. He saved their lives and was their faithful guard . Bruno proved that the friendship between humans and dogs turned out to be the best friendship relation . The best friendship between two best friends.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story.  See you again with another story to be read my sweet little kids…

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