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Short story in English for kid

Short story in English for kid

Short story in English for kid is a short story telling some good stories to be read during your educational time or your fun time with your child .

Short story in English for kid

Short story in English is a good source of reading that you can depend on when it’s your kid’s time for bed .

Let’s read the following story together …

I will win the contest

Once upon a time in a forest in Australia , there were some animals living in harmony with each other . They enjoyed the beautiful nature among trees and the beautiful weather . The animals there enjoyed each other’s company and they were all happy together.

Among all animals , there was a small group of animals which enjoyed their being together all the time .

In that group there was a koala , a kangaroo , a monkey and a wild dog . They all were different but they enjoyed being together .

Every day , they meet and spend the whole day together . They relax and enjoy sharing different activities under the warm sun .

One day , they agreed to meet and start competing about their skills that nature gave them . They met at the beginning of the day and decided to choose an activity to do together . They kept thinking about what should they do and thought of an activity that they all could do .

They discussed many activities to share together but they only agreed on one . That activity was running . They decided to compete to see who will win their running competition .
Each one of them believed that it could definitely win . None of them believed in losing .

The kangaroo believed that because he had very big legs that enable him jumping very high and move long distances ahead it will win .

The dog believed that it because he runs very fast that it could win .

The koala and the monkey believed that they had good skills moving on trees which will enable them to win .

They all believed in winning but who will actually win ? Let’s see together…
They agreed to a starting and an ending point . They agreed that they would start running till they reach the river .
They started their competition .

All of them ran as fast as they could . They all faced many trees and ponds on their way . They all were to pass a big pond that they had to pass to reach the other side . They all were familiar with that pond but everyone of them had it’s own way passing it .  

The kangaroo jumped very high on the blocks in the water and reached the land . The dog swam till it reached the land . The koala and the monkey kept jumping and hanging to trees till the passed the pond .

All passed but let’s see what will happen next .

They suddenly heard big noise coming from a closer area to them . They heard vans getting into the forest . They were all afraid .

They all knew that they had to hide but at the same time they wanted to win . All of them separated and hid in a different hidden area . One of them didn’t follow their steps . The wild dog didn’t hide like the rest of them . It had an intelligent plan . The dog knew that people will never think of capturing it because dogs are best friends for people so by the time they all hid , the dog moved in it’s direction to win the competition .

Things just went exactly like what was expected from the dog . It passed next to the vans with confidence without a problem . The men driving the vans gave the dog their leftovers of the food and continued their way …

The lucky dog knew that people will not hurt it unlike the rest of the other animals which could possibly be captured by some hunters …

The dog was lucky and that luck helped it finishing the competition . The dog won the running competition and reached the ending point.

When the vans left , the animals came out of the their hiding places. They could have continued the running race but they were all afraid to take the risk like the dog . They could have used their intelligence to hide from the vans and continue the race but they chose to hide  …

The intelligent dog won the race …

The End …

Short story in English for kid told us the short story of the lovely group of animals which decided to race … The dog won the race …

Don’t forget to wait for the coming story …

See you again sweet bears …

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