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Short story for kid

Short story for kid

Short story for kid is a short story with simple events to be read to your children. During your reading time with your kid , you can choose a short story to read with him before sleeping as a change .

Short story for kid

Short story for kid will present different events about real or unreal characters who will tell their story . A story will give you both a good change because you read a new story every time.

Let’s read our new story…

Opera house

Maya and her parents had invitations to go to the opera house. It was Maya’s first time to go there . She was excited to see how the opera house looked like. Her father got the invitation from his friend who was a singer in the opera.

He sent him an invitation for his small family to enjoy the opera’s shows that day . They had a good program because they were celebrating their tenth year anniversary .

Maya’s parents asked her to dress in a good classical evening dress because they all had to wear formal clothes to go there . Maya wore a very beautiful dress and combed her hair beautifully and wore a beautiful pair of shoes. Her parents too wore formal evening clothes. They all looked great . Maya’s father drove them to the opera house.

When they reached the opera house , they found the place very beautiful. The opera building was a huge building surrounded by lights and beautiful green areas which was full of flowers. The lights there were arranged beautifully glowing the big building …

On their way to the opera door , they walked on a long sidewalk to reach the door . They found many huge statues made especially for famous opera singers . The statues were carved in a professional way that they looked so alive to them .

Maya’s father started taking pictures of everything around them. He took a lot of pictures with his family too next to the statues . It was the best place to take photos .

They reached the opera house door and gave their tickets to the usher . The usher took them inside the opera showroom . The showroom was quite a big room with lots of chairs . They found their seats and sat down waiting for the show.  

The room was full of people who were waiting eagerly for the show . They had small booklets describing what they were going to see in the showroom .

All seats were taken and it was the time for the show to start .  The lights of the room were turned off and the lights of the stage lit  its show .

They started with ballet dancing . The dancers wore magical clothes . The female dancers wore long ballet dresses which gave them angelic looks . They wore very simple and beautiful looking tiaras.

Ballet dancers danced like birds . They were so talented and danced very beautifully . They for sure practiced so hard to dance that way .. People in the showroom were taken by the beautiful dancers especially Maya .  Maya was taken by their moves…She loved what she was looking at .

The dancers finished their show . The people in the showroom clapped so much for the talented dancers . The following program was the singing program.

The singer was the friend of Maya’s father . He sang some classical songs . His voice was strong and breathtaking . People loved his songs . He was a talented singer who caught the people’s attention to his singing. When he finished people clapped for him too because of his performance .

The show took a lot of time but they enjoyed every single moment of it…

The show soon came to an end and the family had to leave . They had a very good time in that artistic place .  They were so happy . Before leaving , they went to the friend of Maya’s father and congratulated him for his amazing performance . He was so happy when he heard that they loved his show and promised them to send them invitations for all of his coming shows …

Maya’s family had a good time in the opera house. They kept talking about it all their way to their house. Maya told her parents that she wanted to become a ballet dancer like the dancers she saw at the opera house and her parents definitely agreed with her and wished for it…

The End

Short story for kid described the short visit of Maya’s family to the opera house . They had a wonderful time  …

Hope you likes this story …

Wait for our next one sweet bears …see you again…

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