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Short story about success

Short story about success

Short story about success is a story giving your child inspiration for moving ahead in his life . Success stories are good stories telling the story of some successful people who succeeded making their dreams come true.

Short story about success

A short story about success is a simple story with short events about successful examples that we all should follow .

Let us read the following lines to know what does the story present for us this time …

Mr Sam & his student

Once upon a time there was an amazing art teacher who loved to draw and loved kids a lot . His name was Mr Sam…

Mr Sam was a teacher who was been loved by all his students and loved by everyone in his school.

Mr Sam was having his art lesson with his students.

He loved encouraging all his students to draw and to do the best they can to come out with the best drawings .

One day Mr Sam gathered all students around him and asked them to do a different thing during his art lesson . He asked them to gather so that he can tell them a small story . The kids gathered around him in a circle and started listening to his story.

He started telling them a story about a young man who went to the medical school in order to be a doctor . He studied so hard to succeed in his medical school in order to make his parents proud of him . He went to medical school because he wished to fulfill his father’s dream . His father wanted him to become a doctor and so he was trying to please his father. True that he was doing the best he can to become a doctor and he actually was on the right track doing this but he always knew that there was something missing in his life . Deep inside him he pictured himself doing something else . He didn’t know what exactly was that thing but he knew that being a doctor wasn’t the thing he wanted .  Time passed and he graduated from medical school and became a doctor . He was a good doctor but he was trying to search for his dream.

One day his friend invited him to an art gallery that he recently opened . He went to the art gallery the following day and he was taken by the beauty of the artistic pieces and suddenly he found his passion . He finally found his lost dream. He showed much interest in every artistic piece in the gallery and kept asking his friend about it .

His friend was so pleased to share his work with his friend and described everything with patience for his friend . The doctor suddenly asked his friend to teach him everything about drawing and art  and his friend happily agreed .

The following days were the best for the doctor because he finally will go after his dream. He started meeting his friend the following days to learn more till he mastered art . His friend encouraged him to start his own career and to start drawing his own artistic posters .  He hesitated taking the step of having something on his own but he decided to take the step . He decided to tell his parents about what he was intending to do. His parents encouraged him when they knew about his dream. His father told him that he will be so proud of him if he succeeded fulfilling his dream and that he will always back him up whenever he needs any help.

He was so happy with his parents’ opinion about what he wanted and was ready to take the step towards what he wanted .

He started drawing amazing pictures and drew with passion very special artistic pieces.

The doctor finally found his dream . He worked so hard and kept drawing beautiful pictures and kept looking for a place for his work till he finally  found the place for his art gallery .

He started organizing his first art gallery show . The day of his show couldn’t be more successful . All people who were in the art gallery were so taken by the posters and the beautiful art that he drew … His dream finally came true . He wanted to do more with his artistic talents so he thought that he might also start teaching art to small kids to help the young students to discover their talents like him . He then started working as an art teacher in the mornings and drew in the evenings for his art gallery . He continued doing what he wanted and never stopped from that time.

The students loved the story their art teacher told them . Actually he was the hero of the story and it was his successful story that he wanted to share with his students so that they know that dreams come true if you followed them no matter how late they were.

Mr Sam then asked them to continue drawing and to do the best they can to express themselves through drawing . He wished that one day he can help one of them to find his passion too in art and wanted to be there for him .

Students enjoyed his lessons and were doing the best they could to draw nice drawings because of their love to their teacher .

The End

A short story about success told us Mr Sam’s dream that came true . He loved being an artist and did his best to follow his passion and to fulfill his dream that’s why he succeeded .  True he was a little bit late but he made it after all…

You should all search for your dreams and make sure that they come true . Dreams can come true… you just should be persistent following them …

If you want to read more stories then you should wait for us for the coming story .

Bye bye my sweet friends …

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