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Short story about mother

Short story about mother

Short story about mother is a story we all want to write about.  Who doesn’t want to write about his mommy . Your mother is a blessing alive . Who doesn’t love his mommy and knows that mothers do exert a lot of effort making everything perfect for us . Who doesn’t need his mommy all the time .

Short story about mother

A short story about mother is a story to be told at all times because we all have good mothers whom we all appreciate . We all should help our mothers and surprise them all the time with the best things ever.

Let’s read the following story which might give us ideas surprising our mothers . So let’s go…

Mommy’s birthday

Yaritza and Celi were a little quite that morning…They kept whispering some things to their father when their mother was sleeping upstairs in her bedroom…

They were arranging something beautiful for their mother . It was their mother’s birthday … They wanted to surprise her that day . They wished to make her something beautiful as a return for her amazing efforts that she exert for the small family . She all the time tries to make everything perfect for them even if she was tired . She never lets anyone of them down …ever..

Today was her day … her birthday … a chance to make her happy.

The girls were actually arranging a small surprise party for her days ago . They invited everyone they loved to their party. They wanted her to be happy and to make her spend a day to be remembered.

The day before her birthday , the girls and their father went out to buy some things from the market for their mother . They took advantage that their mother wasn’t with them and started preparing for the following day

They went to the bakery and asked them to bake a big cake for their mother . They wanted the baker to bake her a delicious cake with a big picture of them on the top of it .They wanted it to be all in chocolate as their mother loves. The baker promised them that he will bake her a very delicious cake…

When they left the bakery the three of them went to the clothes shop to buy a new dress for her to wear it in the party . They dropped by the flower shop to ask the workers to prepare her beautiful flower bouquet that they will pick up with the cake the following day .

They were trying to make everything good for their mom.

When they went home, the girls quickly went up to their room to draw some beautiful drawings for her on her birthday card . They were so energetic and drew very nice drawings on her cards.

On her day , Yaritza and Celi wanted to prepare breakfast for her and take it upstairs to her bedroom as a small early surprise for their mother. They started preparing breakfast with their father’s help. They made her delicious pancakes and put some honey and butter , exactly the way she liked. They made her the coffee she liked and then they picked a fresh flower from the garden and put it on her breakfast tray. They carried the tray and took it upstairs to their mother .

When they went to her bedroom , their mother was still sleeping. The girls quickly jumped on her bed and started to wake her up with their kisses .

Their mother woke up smiling and they wished her a happy birthday . She saw the breakfast and she started eating with a big appetite because the pancakes were so delicious. She thanked them all for the breakfast . They wanted their mother to go out of the house so they can start decorating the house so they asked her to go to the hairdresser so that they celebrate with her when she comes back.

When their mother left the house ,they all started to decorate it with beautiful decorations .

When they finished decorating the house , they left to bring the cake and the flowers and came quickly before their mother . They took a look and they found that everything was set and arranged as they wanted .

Now they were ready to celebrate with their mother . They all wore some beautiful clothes on and waited for their mother .

Their mother looked so good when she came back from the hairdresser . She was surprised by the effort they exerted to make the house that beautiful . Their mother couldn’t be happier .

They gave her the dress they bought to her and asked her to wear it . Their mother was really touched by all of that . They gave her too the flowers , the flowers she liked. The flowers smelled so good . She thanked them for all what they did to her. She then left to wear the dress.

The bell rang and guests started coming to their house to celebrate with them . Her friends came , their neighbours and their family members…

Their mother was ready to party with them. She was pleased to find their family and friends in their house . They put the cake in the middle of a big table in the garden and gathered all people to cut the cake.

They sang to their mother many birthday songs and asked her to make a wish and to blow candles. The candles were blown and they started cutting the cake . They all started chatting and telling a lot of stories to each other . They spent a long lovely day .

The guests left by night time after spending an amazing time with the family .

What a surprise for their mother . She really enjoyed the day and it was a surprise that she didn’t expect st all which made her very happy .

Their mother told them that it was a surprise that she will never forget . She told them that she was the luckiest person to have such a caring family…

Lucky you mom …

It’s not only you mommy who feels lucky to have such a family.  They too are lucky to have you …

The End

A short story about mother showed you how easy you can please your mother . A simple gift that might be a single rose is really enough for making your mother happier …

Don’t forget to show your mother your love and appreciation every now and then . It will definitely make her day …

Always surprise her …

Wait for our coming story my little friends with more adventures to be read ….

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