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Short story about life

Short story about life

Short story about life is a short story which teaches your child something about life . Life sometimes can be a little bit hard to be understood by your child but if you tried to teach him how to act properly in his life through small stories that he can grasp it would benefit him a lot .

Short story about life

Short story about life is a short story telling your child something worth to be known in his life in a simple way without your interference . You don’t have to tell him what to do …just ask him to read more about life stories…

The coming story will make your child think about behaving in a good way to people . What is the story about this time ? …let’s all read to know …

The mean merchant

Once upon a time there was a penny pincher merchant . A penny pincher means a person who loves money a lot and keeps saving it without wanting to spend it at all. A person who is unwilling to spend money at all and that penny pincher was the merchant in the story .

The merchant had a lot of money out of his merchandise… He had many lands and many houses but was unwilling to spend any money coming out of what he owned .He kept saving the money only for himself.

The merchant had a wife and a lonely boy . His poor family complained about the life he forces them to live . They complained about how he used to deprive them of every penny he owns and every good thing in life. He asked them to eat and drink less everyday so that he can save more money .

This merchant didn’t want to help any of his hometown people either or even the poor peasants in the land . Whenever anyone is in trouble he refuses to help him . Poor people kept asking him for help when they are in need of money but he refused to give away money for those who need it even if they promised to pay him back . He was so mean to everyone and no one loved him.

The merchant had a wise good neighbour . His neighbour was well known for his generosity with people . He didn’t let anyone down .

All people loved him and tried to repay him for his help but he always refused to take his money back . He used to say that God will repay him in a way or another in his life . True that his neighbour wasn’t as rich as the merchant but he didn’t need all that money to help people .

One day he met the merchant and asked about how he was and how his son and wife were . The merchant complained that people always want to take his money away from him even his family.  He told him that they always want him to give them money for things that are not necessary .

His neighbour felt pity for his family so he thought of visiting them to see how they were .

When he went to their house , he found that his son wore very old clothes and so his wife. They almost had nothing in the house except for an old bed to sleep on . They barely had food . He asked them if he gives them money to feed do they told him that he only gives them money for bread only .They told him that he was so mean to them despite of his being very rich .

They added that they knew where he kept his money but he was the only one who had the key for it . He never wanted to give them more money and never wanted to give them the key for the place where he kept his money .

The neighbour was so sad about the life they were living at the time . Having a rich father and husband who doesn’t allow his family to enjoy any aspects of life was really hard . He wondered what kind of a family man is the merchant . He wondered what kind of a human being who has money and leaves his family to suffer.

All of that annoyed him so he left the house and went to the market and bought some goods for the family .

When he gave the merchant’s family what he bought ,he asked them to never tell the merchant about what he brought them and told them that he will bring them food everyday on one condition  that they never tell the merchant .

The merchant’s wife and her son thanked him a lot for his generosity. They told him that one day they will return him his favor .

Their neighbour told them that it was the least that he can do for them .

The neighbour then started bringing them food everyday so that they can feed . He felt a lot better when he found them getting better everyday .

One day the merchant told them that he was leaving for a work journey and that he didn’t know when he was getting back . The merchant didn’t know that it was going to be his last journey in his life .

He left on his horse to go to bring more goods for his merchandise . When he was on his way , there was a big hole that some people dug for wolves so that they don’t come closer to them . The merchant didn’t know that it was there . Suddenly the horse was about to fall in the hole so it moved backwards quickly and threw the merchant in the hole . The merchant fell in the hole and hit his head bad and was been left to die . No one was near him to rescue the merchant . He was been left dead for days without anyone noticing his presence . People passed by the hole and left without paying any attention to it . Days and days passed and the merchant didn’t go back to his family . His family went to their neighbour and asked him to help them find him . Their neighbour agreed and left with them to search for the merchant  . They found his horse near the hole but without the merchant . They started searching till they found him dead in the hole…

His family pitied him and so did his neighbor . They were sorry for his end . He died in a place where people passed by everyday and no one took notice of his being in the hole as if God was punishing him for not paying any attention to the people who were begging him for his help. They took him out of the hole and buried him. No one in his village wanted to go to his funeral . He didn’t help anyone when he was alive and never cared for anyone that’s why no one cared about him .

His family found the key to the place where he left the money. They opened that place and found a lot of gold and money . They took all the money and decided to repay their neighbor first and then announced in their village that whoever was in need was to go to them for help and they will help him .

People appreciated what they did especially after what they’d been through with the penny pincher merchant. The small family tried to do their best helping people with the money they got after the merchant died . They kept helping as many people as they could especially those who can’t afford buying their own food . The money the merchant left was enough for helping all the village.

The merchant saved a lot of money but he was so mean with people and with his family . He could have helped many people but he chose not to …

The End

Short story about life told us the story of the mean merchant who kept saving money for himself and never wanted to help people who were in need for his help. His ending was a sad one …He was been punished for the way he treated people when he was alive .

We should all help people in need and we should always be generous to people around us . Helping people is something to be proud of … so let’s all be good to people …

Hope you enjoyed this story . Wait for our next one my kids …

Bye bye little ones…

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