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Short story about hope

Short story about hope

Short story about hope is a short story that pushes you forward . A simple story that gives you a good positive charge for your battery . Who lives without hope …We all need hope in our lives. Read a hopeful story for your kid and give him a good reason for fighting for his dreams .

Short story about hope

A short story about hope is the story that everyone is looking for in reality . All humans love to be given some hope and some positivity to look forward living their days … Fill your child with happiness and hope to make him do the impossibilities ….

Let’s read together the coming story to charge our kids … Always ask your kid to feel hopeful and have some faith in good things .

Hopeful Angel

This is the story of a beautiful lady called Angel.Angel lived in a small town where each family has its own house with a beautiful garden in front of it . All houses of the town were the same , a separate house with a garden …

Angel lived in a beautiful small house colored in white . She had a beautiful garden full of colorful plants . She loved flowers a lot that’s why you can see her garden covered with various kinds of colorful flowers . She loved planting rare and different colors of flowers . Flowers for her were messengers delivering messages to people . That’s why she took a very good care of them .

Angel loved life so much . She loved to give hope to people and make them feel better about what was coming and about themselves .

Angel liked to wear white all the time . She felt that white is the colour which always express how she really feels ….hopeful…

Every morning Angel waters her flowers carefully and picks some of them to put in her white basket .She loved going for walks along the river sides so

every morning she takes the flowers she picks to give away to people on her way to the river . She used also to carry some seeds in her basket too

in order to throw in people’s gardens on her way to the river to surprise them with some beautiful flowers which will grow in their gardens …

Angel had a dream . She was doing her best to fulfill her dream.

She dreamt of building a hospital to treat the sick people in her town . They only have a clinic in her hometown … When people get really sick they travel a long distance to another town next to them. It was really hard for people to move when they are sick to another place for treatment .

She used to think about the best thing that she can do to have the money for building a hospital .

Everyday when she goes to the river she was thinking about what she can do to help people .

One day when she was watching television , she found a contest about the best flower of the year . The competition was to go for the best flower which has the best beauty among the other flowers. Angel was so excited and decided to participate in the competition .

Who will win the competition will take the biggest  prize which was a large amount of money.

The following days she kept going to the river for a more relaxing atmosphere so that she thinks clearly about what should she do . She believed that the money will help people  lot in building a hospital for them.

After days of thinking , she finally had the best idea for the best flower . The only flowers that she finds amazingly beautiful were lilies…

Angel loved lilies and believed that they were amazing flowers .

She started planting lilies in her garden and started taking a very good care of them till the time of the competition. She gave them extra attention to be the best. She gave them the best care. She wanted so much to win the prize.  She hoped that she can fulfill her dream of help her town people .

Day by day the lilies started growing and becoming the best lilies the one can see … Their colours were amazing…

Her hometown people kept encouraging her because they know how good she was at planting flowers .

It was time for the competition . She took her flowers and left for the competition …

The people of her town saluted her and wished her all the luck that she can wish for …

When she reached the city where the contest was , she was so happy and feeling so hopeful about winning the competition .

She found many people competing and all had amazing flowers grown specially for the competition.

The competition started and all started putting their flowers on the assigned tables .

Angel put her lilies too and then the judges started looking at the flowers of the competition .

They wrote their notes and kept examining the flowers .

They started paying more attention to Angel’s lilies . They found that her flowers were extraordinarily beautiful than the other flowers. The flowers were different from the other flowers . True they were ordinary lilies but they were grown with love . The flowers had the best strong petals and they looked perfect .

The judges asked her about the way she planted her flowers.  Angel explained to them with patience the whole steps .

The judges took a while to announce the winner of the competition .  They decided that Angel was the one to win the competition for the best flowers.

They announced that Angel was the winner. Angel won the biggest prize . She took the money and was so happy of the prize and that finally she can start building the hospital she wanted in her hometown .

She left to her town . People were so happy for Angel that she won the prize .

She told them about the surprise she kept for them . When Angel told them that she was going to build them a hospital for their treatment with the money of the competition , they couldn’t believe themselves from excitement . They were so happy of Angel who thought of them and didn’t think of keeping the money for herself .

Because of what Angel did all people in her town started feeling hopeful again and they all started helping her too. They felt hope and started spreading hope. They started helping her in building the hospital. They did their best helping her build their first hospital. People were so happy and started buying everything the hospital needed. Finally the hospital was built and all  equipment were been bought. Finally their dream came true . They had a hospital in their town and there was no need to travel for treatment again .

Angel succeeded in giving hope to people around her for good treatment .

Angel hoped for her dream to come true and so she was so persistent in fulfilling her dream . She never lost hope making people happy .

The End

A short story about hope told us the story of hopeful Angel. She was so hopeful and had a dream which she succeeded in fulfilling . We all should be hopeful following our dreams no matter what …

Don’t forget to wait for us to read the coming story…

Bye bye my little friends…

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