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short story about animals

The three little monkeys

A short story about animals is a simple short story including animals as heroes . Our animals can be seen talking and living just like us in their world.

Short story about animals

A short story about animals is an entertaining story with a simple lesson hidden between the lines for your child . Lessons don’t always have to be taught by people as heroes , it can also be through some different kinds of heroes saying their lesson .

Which animals do your child likes to read about because if he loves monkeys then you are lucky because this story talks about monkeys so let’s read the story…

The three little monkeys

Three little monkeys lived in the forest . They lived with their mother and father in a small wooden house built by them… It was a small house but it was so comfortable and cosy.

Their story was different from other animals . Their parents were captured by hunters a long time ago . They used to live in a cage for a long time but one day they managed to escape from them and to come to the forest.

The animals in the forest were so good and welcomed them warmly . They knew their story and tried as much as they could to make them feel home.

The monkeys’ parents appreciated the animals’ effort to make them comfy and they tried to be as kind as they could with the animals in return of their help and kindness.

The animals gave them an empty space so that they can build a house to live in . They started building their house and once they finished they filled it with what they need to feel home .

By time the mother gave birth to three little monkeys . The monkeys soon grew up and went to the animal school so that they start learning .

From day one their parents noticed that they were extremely intelligent unlike other animals but they were afraid that humans capture them one day like what they did to them so they were always extra cautious and tried to keep them safe all the time . They tried to educate them as much as they could so that they know about everything and learn more .

By time they became more intelligent and wanted to know more and more about everything .

Their parents helped them through the process and tried to educate them the best education .

The animals loved the small family a lot and loved to visit them . They also loved to talk to the little monkeys because of their wittiness . The little monkeys used to tell the animals little interesting stories about what they read . Animals loved their stories so much.

They also loved to visit them because of the tasty cookies their mother used to make. Who didn’t like her cookies.

The mother of the monkeys was well known among the forest animals for her beautiful cookies that she used to bake . All animals loved the smell coming out of their house when their mother baked cookies . Her cookies were so fresh and tasty . Their mother wasn’t only good at baking , she was also good at cooking in general but her cookies were the best ever .

So it was the perfect atmosphere to visit such an adorable family … You eat the cookies and listen to the interesting stories of the little monkeys .

This small family had something that most of them didn’t have . They have the love of the animals and the best family members.

The three amazing little monkeys of that family were very intelligent and very well educated . Other animals envy the three monkeys for such a blessing . They were different from other animals . They were so witty and well organized which was a unique thing.

The three little monkeys loved to read so much. They got used to read as much books as they can get… Reading took them from a journey to the other . Reading took them away from the regular atmosphere of living in a forest. They used to read to each other and read together the books they loved . It was such a pleasant time for them.

They read in so many fields and loved to grasp as much information as they could.

They used to go to their school to study and then go home together to continue reading till they sleep.

The three little monkeys loved reading about inventions and science experiments . They were such interesting monkeys . They were so different and unique and known that they were different among animals.

Their parents wanted the best for them that’s why they taught them very well and spent a long time teaching everything they knew .

They tried to control every harmful thing around them so as to keep them safe . The only thing they couldn’t control was hunters .

They were so afraid from hunters because they keep putting traps a lot in the forest so that they catch animals and sell them .

The monkeys’ parents asked them to take care of traps in the forest and always take care of themselves.

Deep inside they were afraid that hunters catch them and keep them . They wished that one day their education helps them escaping such traps and stay safe . That’s the lesson they learnt from the hunters . That education was so important to give them extra bonus and make them escape any bad situations .

The three monkeys listened carefully to their parents’ advice and tried to be careful as much as they could .

Everyday they used to go to their school and return home quickly and start reading .

One day on their way home , they saw many traps put in the forest . The three monkeys kept trying to escape from all traps as much as possible but they were unlucky with one . The three monkeys were been captured.

The moment they were captured , hunters came quickly to put them in a big cage and took them away in a big truck.

Some rabbits were watching them sadly from a far distance and couldn’t do anything because of their size and because they were afraid that the hunters catch them too.

The rabbits quickly went to the monkeys’ parents and told them what happened .

Their parents couldn’t feel more sadness . Actually all animals felt so sad because they were such good little monkeys .

Their parents thought about what should they do . They decided to ask all animals to assist them to find their little ones . All animals agreed and the search for the monkeys started.

All animals started helping the family.

All dogs started sniffing the smell of the monkeys all through the forest and out in order to reach any thread. Birds and eagles kept searching from a high distance in the sky . Ducks and all water animals kept looking too. They kept searching for days and days and never gave up. They all helped each other but they didn’t reach anything for days.  

Their parents were so sad because they couldn’t reach anything . They were so afraid that they can’t reach their monkeys .

One day when some animals left the forest to bring some food they saw the little monkeys been put in a cage and carried by the hunters . They followed the hunters till they stopped at an empty area and carried the monkeys inside of an empty factory. The monkeys were so afraid but when they saw the forest animals they finally felt relieved.

When the hunters left , the animals sneaked in and when they went inside they found a lot of animals captured too inside of the old factory. The animals asked the monkeys to wait for them to bring the forest animals to help them out .

The animals ran quickly to the forest to tell their parents who were extremely happy that they found them .

The forest animals agreed on a plan . They decided that they will free all animals and the monkeys and then will capture the hunters this time so as to make them stop hunting animals again and stop underestimating what they can do.

The following day all animals went to the factory and decided to surprise the hunters so that they won’t have a chance to take actions .

They sneaked in when the hunters left and freed all animals . The little monkeys were free . The animals decided to teach the hunters a lesson.

They decided to hide and when the hunters come they will chain them and then drag them to the cages the same way they do with them.

The animals hid in the factory . The little monkeys knew everything about electricity because of the books they used to read . They quickly switched off all electricity power off the factory.

They hid  besides their parents . The animals waited for the hunters and when they came they found that the electricity was off and went to turn it on again. When they opened electricity , they found that all the animals disappeared. They were so angry and kept searching for animals . The monkeys’ parents decided to get out from their place so that they give the chance to the animals to hunt the hunters down .

When the hunters saw them they kept running after the monkeys to catch them but the monkeys were clever and dragged them closer to the cages . All animals then surprised the hunters and gathered around them . The little monkeys knew how to tie knots also from the books they read so they tied the hunters with strong ropes and knotted them . All animals then started pulling them towards cages and then put them in a cage and locked it .

The little monkeys knew where the keys of the cages were and brought them to lock the cage properly .

The animals defeated the hunters because they were smarter than the hunters this time . The hunters underestimated the animals intelligence .

Finally all animals reached the forest and all were happy that the little monkeys were with their family and safe .

The monkeys’ parents thanked all animals for helping them to bring back the little monkeys .

Finally all animals were happy again.

The End

A short story about animals told us a light story about the little monkeys who were good and listened to the words of their parents and how all animals loved them because they behaved well. Also we knew the importance of being surrounded by good friends to help you when needed so always choose your friends .

Wait for the next story …

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