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Short story about a friend

Friendship story about a friend

A short story about a friend is the kind of stories about friends in life . Your kid gets to know different kinds of friends out there in life . They might have good friends or bad friends.

Your child might also experience kinds of friends that all of us meet in our daily lives . They will experience the good ones and the bad ones.

Short story about a friend

A short story about a friend is that type of stories that gives your child a little bit of experience deep inside them choosing friends. It might not show at the beginning but it’s definitely carved in your child’s head and will benefit him one day.

Let’s read the following story talking about good and bad friends .


Timmy and Zein were best friends. They knew each other the moment they started school. They’ve been friends for quite a long time . They had other friends too but these two were the closest. They understood each other somehow without the need to explain themselves.

Timmy and Zein had different characters. Timmy was a little bit indecisive , no self confidence and easier to be persuaded to do anything including wrong things. He couldn’t handle any situation properly . He always thinks in a wrong way. He can definitely be forced to do things that he disliked  .

Zein was Timmy’s opposite . He had self confidence and could take decisions easily . He chose the decisions he wants as long as it was right. No one can persuade him to do what he believed was wrong.

True they were so different from each other but they were true friends. They never let each other down . They backed each other all the time. They both knew that whenever any one of them is in trouble the other will for sure help him out . It was such a good friendship.

Timmy’s character is unlike Zein’s because of the way he looked. Timmy’s appearance was the main reason for his feeling no self confidence .

Timmy was a fat boy . He liked food a lot and loved to eat all the time . He couldn’t  even take the decision of losing weight and never was able to have the courage to actually do anything facing his weight .

Zein tried to do his best to help Timmy losing weight for many reasons . The main reason was that he tried to make him feel confident about the way he looked but unfortunately Timmy didn’t have resolution to do anything in his life even if that affects him personally.

Students in their school used to annoy Timmy a lot because of his weight. They kept mocking him because of his weight .

They were used to call him a lot of names because he never tried to stop them .

Zein was always backing Timmy and the same for their friends because he was so weak defending himself. They all keep defending him against bullies but it doesn’t change because Timmy was still the same . Because of him , his friends got used to be bullied too . True they fought back and stood against all bullies but Timmy gave them a reason to continue bullying them because he didn’t want to stand up for his rights .

One day a group of students pushed Timmy on the floor and kept annoying and bullying him. Zein and his friends hurried to help their friend but unfortunately they were been bullied too and the boys hit all of them hard because they were bigger in size than them. They all  were injured .What actually saved them was the presence of their teacher to help the boys. He punished the bullies and sent Timmy , Zein and their friends to the doctor to clean their wounds.

Zein was so angry at Timmy because he was always so negative and weak defending himself which gives students the reason to keep annoying him. Zein didn’t understand how can someone stop defending himself and harm himself like what Timmy was doing .

That day Zein didn’t want to talk to Timmy at all and the same for his friends .

This time they were injured badly because Timmy gave the bullies a reason every time to keep annoying them and the result was so bad that they all were injured . They didn’t care at all about Timmy’s apologies this time because it was a way too much . They couldn’t stand all the time for someone who didn’t want to stand for himself.

They all left home without talking to Timmy.

They decided not to talk to him for a while till they figure out what they were going to do.

When Zein reached his house he found his parents waiting for him. When they saw that he was wounded they asked him about what happened . Zein told them the whole story and told them how he was so angry because Timmy is so indecisive and keeps putting them in very bad situations because he didn’t want to take action. His parents praised him for being such a good friend to Timmy but also advised him that it was better if he can push Timmy to feel more confidence .

Zein asked them about what should he do . They told him that it’s better if he can make use of this friendship to make Timmy better . They asked him to look inside himself and figure out what he can do depending on his knowing Timmy well. They told him that the solution will be tough at first but he will know how to go on with what he is planning  for.

Zein kept thinking about what his parents told him. They didn’t give him a solution to his problem but they tried to show him the way.

They didn’t want to give him a solution because he was the one who knew Timmy best. Zein kept thinking a lot but he thought that it is better to ask for the help of the rest of his friends so that they all think together.

They all agreed to meet that day without Timmy . Zein told them that they need to give Timmy some confidence in himself and decided that they better all gather to help him do that .

They reached a solution finally after an hour of thinking . They decided to make Timmy believe that they were in danger so that he can act to save his friends and feel confidence again . They also decided to tell their parents and ask them for help in their plan too. They all then left to their houses to tell their parents .

Zein told his parent about what they decided to do with his friends . They asked Zein to be careful so as not to put themselves in danger . Zein  asked them not to fear and to have some confidence in him. They told him that they will back him up and will help him with anything he needed.

They decided not to talk to Timmy for some days till they finish preparing for their plan.

Timmy tried to apologize to them a lot but they refused to talk to him . He gave up and he kept finishing school and going to his house directly without meeting his friends.

They finally finished their preparations and it was time to act.

Timmy’s friends all decided to meet after school to go ahead with their plan and they asked their parents to come to help them too .

Their plan was to go to the area they were used to go to with Timmy which was closer to Timmy’s house … It was an empty area where they built a small treehouse for them a while ago to sit in when they gather.

They dug a hole there and asked their parents to help them go down the hole …

They wanted to put themselves in this hole as if they fell accidentally in this it on . They asked their parents before they do that to wait for a while and tell Timmy that they were so late to go home and that they didn’t know where they were .

Their parents agreed to help them out as long as they help them in their plan to make them safe .

They depended on the fact that Timmy will definitely start looking for them because they all back each other no matter what.

They all went to that area then their parents started helping them one by one to go to down the hole safely . They then agreed that they will leave to call Timmy and then they will come again after a couple of hours if they didn’t come back on time  so as to make sure that they were ok .

Their parents left to proceed what they agreed on doing .

They called Timmy and asked them if he knew anything about their place but Timmy told them that he didn’t know anything .

When he hung up the phone . He decided to look for them . He wasn’t sure where his friends were but he will start looking for them. He asked his parents to go out to look for his friends and come back and they agreed.

Timmy left to the place where they used to gather and started calling them . When they heard him calling them they started calling him too so that he knows where they were .

They kept calling him till he knew their place.

When he found them he asked them about what happened so they told him that someone dug a hole in the ground and that they all didn’t see it because it was been covered by grass so they all fell.

Timmy asked them if they all were safe so they told him that they all were fine . He told them that he will quickly bring a rope from their tree house and help them out .

Timmy brought the rope and started pulling one after the other till they all were out .

They all kept thanking him for saving them and told him that he was a hero . Timmy felt so happy that he finally helped his friends and started feeling self confident again.

His friends were so happy that they felt that Timmy started feeling happy and felt that he did something useful after all.

They all spent some time together and then they a left to their houses . They left earlier before it was time for their parents to show up.

When Zein went back to his house he was so excited about what took place that day with Timmy. He thanked his parents a lot for backing him up . Also he told them how happy Timmy was and how he felt more better about himself when he saved them.

The following days were even better . Timmy started facing the bullies and was now sure that can do anything . His friends didn’t know how what they’ve done positively impacted Timmy and were so happy for him.

Timmy agreed with his friends that they will encourage him to lose weight and become better physically .

How can friends impact each other . Actually they can do a lot and they can start helping them with all their hearts .

The End

A short story about a friend showed us how important friends are in our lives. They help us through ups and downs . They can positively or negatively impact us .

Hope you all have good friends in your lives because good friends are a blessing .

Goodbye little friends and wait for next time for another story ….

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