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Short stories in English for children

Macaroni Short stories in English

Short stories in English for children are the best simple and easy stories that you read for your kids.You can for sure give your child a short story as a gift because stories are so valuable for every single person. Gifts come in many shapes,so how about a gift that takes you in many adventures while you’re still in your place.

Short stories in English for children

Short stories in English for children are a great treasure .A treasure that never ends . It gives your child endless journeys and endless mind practices since it gives your child something to contemplate and think about all the time .

Let’s see what kind of journeys your child will live this time…


It was a regular school day. Yaritza and Celi were at their school having their lessons .Yaritza’s teacher asked them start preparing some information about macaroni because they will go on a school trip to a pasta factory the following day.All the students in the class were so excited because they were going on such a trip the following day…


When yaritza and Celi arrived at their home , Yaritza told her mother about what her teacher told them.She added that she was supposed to prepare some information about macaroni for the following day so as to be prepared for her school trip . Her mother told her that she will help her finding some information concerning macaroni.

They all ate their lunch and then Yaritza and her mother started surfing the internet for information about macaroni.

They found that macaroni don’t have a known origin and that they said that many countries talked about knowing it first but they didn’t actually have any evidence about the main origin  of it .

Macaroni is basically made of semolina, flour and water as basic ingredients with other different ingredients added. It has many shapes and sizes .It is very cheap yet tasty and loved by people around the world.It can be easily produced in factories and houses.

People cook pasta the way they want around the world.It can be easily cooked in no time .Yaritza was happy reading about it.

Her mother asked her to take some rest so as to feel good in her school trip tomorrow.

The following day Yaritza went to her school where they all gathered and took the school bus to go to the pasta factory…

It was such a new experience for students.It was something they never thought of doing .

When they reached the factory , they students found that it was a very big factory . Their teacher asked them to walk in lines and to walk slowly till the go inside . She kept asking them to behave and listen to instructions carefully so as not to be hurt by any means .

They were welcomed by the factory manager who was going to be their guide during their tour around the factory. He asked them all to wear head covers and to wrap their shoes with plastic covers before they go in for the sake of the factory cleanliness . He also asked them to wear plastic gloves too for more cleanliness precautions.

The students followed his instructions and when they finished he asked them all to accompany him to see how everything was done in the factory .

He also warned them not to touch any machines for the sake of their safety and told them if they listened to his words he will give them gifts to take to their houses. All students told him that they will behave . He then started telling them about the factory.

He told them that the factory had big machines that helped producing a big amount of macaroni.

They basically store their flour in big silos and the water in pipes .He told them that the machines mixes the ingredients added till they have the best pasta mix .They then add flavors and colors to the pasta dough and then start cutting and shaping it as a roll using the big machines.They steam the roll of pasta dough so that no bacteria is found on it .

When they do that ,they start cutting it to the shapes they want and then leave it to dry .When it dries ,they start packing it for people’s usage.

The factory manager accompanied the teacher and her students to show them themselves how the process took place there . They saw the factory workers doing exactly like what the manager told them . He also asked the workers to let the students  try to help them in the pasta making process in order to benefit them more.

The students were so happy helping the factory workers . When it was their time to leave ,the manager asked the students to choose whatever macaroni pack they like and take it with them as a small gift from the factory .

They all picked their favourite macaroni pack and they all left …

On their way back the teacher asked them all about whether they enjoyed the experience or not . All students told her that it was a very lovely trip and that they loved everything about it. They asked their teacher to take them again to such places and she promised them to do that again if they behave well and study their lessons properly.

It was time for students to leave home. They left to their houses all started telling everything about what they did in the factory to their parents.

When Yaritza left to her house and once she saw her mother , she asked her mother to cook the macaroni pack that she took from the factory. She was so excited from such a trip and wanted too to help her mother cooking it. Her mother cooked the macaroni for their lunch with the help of Yaritza and Yaritza finished her plate so quickly and even asked for more …

The day soon came to an end and Yaritza’s family went to sleep after hours and hours of chatting about her day…

The End

Simple short stories in English for children described the process of macaroni production. The students learnt how factories produce them and helped too in the process themselves …

It’s good every now and then to learn about how we receive our goods and how they were manufactured to reach their last phase that we deal with .

Wait for the next stories with more interesting journeys to read about…

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