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Short stories for beginners

A fairy named Sprinkle Short stories

Short stories for beginners are simple stories for the little ones who are still in their early learning process.

Short stories for beginners

Short stories for beginners are easy and fun . You can give it for your children and ask them to read them on their own …

Let’s read the following story together …

A fairy named Sprinkle

Sprinkle … the glowing fairy … was a very beautiful young fairy . She was full of liveliness and passion of life . All other fairies loved to talk to her to have some positive energy .

Sprinkles loved life and beauty . She couldn’t see a sad animal without making it happy . She couldn’t see a flower dying without turning it to a glowing flower…

All fairies knew that she appreciated beauty .

Today , Sprinkles is so busy decorating her garden . She will be having a tea party at her garden . She started baking a lot of delicious cakes from the beginning of the day for her sweet visitors.

Sprinkles baked all the cakes that her visitors loved. She baked the delicious strawberry cake that her friend Sunshine loved.

Sunshine loved to pass by Sprinkles whenever she had her delicious strawberry cake. Sprinkles’ strawberry cake was actually delicious and special. She bakes it with love and it’s always mouth watering.

Sprinkles used the best strawberries and definitely the fresh ones to bake that cake. She used very fresh cream to decorate it .

Sprinkles finally finished baking and it was now the time for decorating her garden . Sprinkles carefully took a closer look at the flowers in the garden . The flowers that she found not well waved her magical wand to revive them .

She waved her wand to light the garden with glowing lights . Now the garden is ready . Sprinkles brought the hot tea and cakes to put them on a big table in the garden . She sat and started waiting for her guests .

Her guests started arriving at her tea party . Here comes the first visitor , Sunshine … She was extremely happy when she saw the strawberry cake … She couldn’t wait to eat it .

The other guests came too … Moonlight , Rose and Butterfly …

They all loved everything they saw . The simple and glowing lights that she put in the garden and the delicious cakes that she baked .

Sprinkles asked them all to sit down to give them the hot tea and the delicious slices of the cakes . They started eating and were so pleased at the taste of the cakes . They thanked her for baking the best cakes . Sprinkles was so pleased that they loved her cakes…

Sprinkles and her friends started drinking tea and catching up with what they’ve missed recently . They all were busy lately and couldn’t see each other …

They talked and talked a lot that the time passed so quickly and it was night time . When they saw the moon and it’s beautiful lights , they sat on the grass and watched it for quite some time . The stars were shining that night . It was such a beautiful sight .

It was time for leaving … They all thanked Sprinkles for everything and for her effort organizing an amazing tea party and left .

It was a long day but a pleasant one . Meeting friends is such a pleasant thing for everyone …

The End…

Short stories for beginners described the lovely tea party that the sweet fairy Sprinkles had in her house . They all spent a wonderful time …


See you again  sweet bears.

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