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Moral stories for kids

Jack the thief Moral stories

Moral stories for kids are stories which teach your child good moral lessons. Your child will learn something important while reading a simple story .

Moral stories for kids

Moral stories benefit your child and teach him good manners when dealing with people. Your child will see bad behaviour in some moral stories to know how to differentiate between the good and the bad ones…

Let’s all read the coming story and know what kind of lessons it presents …

Jack the thief

Once upon a time there was a young thief who was called Jack the phantom. He was a thief who cared for no one but himself. He was an orphan . He found himself raised by thieves in streets. He learnt to care for no one but himself and not to pity anyone. He stole all what he wanted from people no matter what. He didn’t have any good friends . All his friends were friends with benefits . None of them cared about him. People used to treat him very bad all through his life . As an orphan , no one loved him or cared for him  . They didn’t give him the attention needed for a young orphan . People disgusted him and were bad to him.

When he was a kid , no one treated him in a good way even when he went to an orphanage he was been treated very badly that he escaped it. They beated him in the orphanage and the kids there used to call him bad names. People in his life gave him hard times . They all helped him to become a bad person. Jack then found some thieves who found him alone and started to teach him how to steal. They convinced him that they cared for him but things were different . They wanted him to steal for them so that they benefit from him and sell whatever he stole . They kept asking him to steal more and more everyday so that he brings them more money . They acted as if they cared for him but in fact they didn’t.  

Jack was been called the phantom because he used to steal very fast and disappear without a trace after.

One day Jack was been caught by police and when they caught him all those who convinced him that they cared for him disappeared . He stayed for quite a long time in jail. Jack stayed for many years in jail and when he left it , he decided to leave his town and to travel . He travelled a lot and kept stealing for money. He travelled and travelled a lot and stole a lot .

Jack stole all kinds of people , good ones and bad ones . It never occurred to him that what he was doing was wrong or that his might be stealing from people who were in need. All was the same for him. Jack never cared about people and people didn’t care about him.

Jack travelled a lot through different countries . His last stop was a small place known as ‘Heaven’…

When Jack reached ‘Heaven’ , he found two middle aged people,a husband and a wife pushing an old cart stuck in the mud . The horse couldn’t push the cart anymore. They asked Jack if he could push it with them since no one was around except for him.

Jack agreed unhappily to what they asked him for . He wasn’t used to help people . He wasn’t even used to be asked from people to help him.

He pushed the cart with them till finally they lifted it up from the mud.

They both thanked Jack so much and asked him to return the favor by inviting him to their house for dinner. Jack refused their request at first but upon insisting he had to accept their invitation . The two told him that their names were Mr.and Mrs. Ernest. They told him about their house’s place and asked him not to be late and left.

Jack didn’t know how to say no for the first time in his life . Mr and Mrs Ernest were so kind and were smiling warmly at him . He never found anyone treating him with this kindness before. Jack was confused but still intended to go to their house.

Jack booked a small room in a small motel and rested for a while before he goes to the Ernest family.

By evening time , Jack reached the Ernest house .  They both welcomed him warmly. They introduced their children to him. They had two daughters and a son. The girls were called Alice and Aline and the boy was called Sam.

They were such a lovely family . Jack found that they were a kind family . Their kids were well behaved and were so polite. They were a good company . The family made him feel at home for the first time in his life . He’s always dreamt of having such a family all his life . He never knew how it was like to live with such a loving family.

Mrs Ernest cooked very delicious food for him . Jack ate a lot till he was so full.

They then sat next to the fire and talked for hours . They tried to know more about Jack and what he worked but he skipped answering their questions.

He just told them that he was working as a farmer and added that he was an orphan. The Ernest family pitied him and asked him about where he was staying at that time so he told them that he was staying at a small motel . They told him that he better come and stay with them in the guests room in the garden for a while till he leaves ‘Heaven’.

Jack hesitated but he accepted eventually because he loved truly the Ernest family but he told them that as a return for their favor he will help them farming without any money .

The Ernest family had to say yes to his request because he was going to refuse if they said no . Jack left them to go to the motel to sleep. Jack couldn’t sleep that day because he was thinking of something important to him.

The moment that he felt that care of the small family , he felt so different . Jack wanted to stop stealing and to live in ‘Heaven’ with the Ernest family . They were really good people . Mr and Mrs Ernest were like his parents that he never knew . He felt that they were treating him like his parents . That night Jack took the decision to be good and wanted it to last forever.

The following days , Jack helped the Ernest family farming and gathered with them during evening times before they go to bed . Jack stayed at the guests house . The family treated him so well that he became persistent not to steal ever again. Jack was happy for his new start . He then looked for a decent job in the afternoons to gain more money to help him live decently. Mr Ernest helped him find a job at the bakery .  His job was hard but he found happiness among the Ernest family and was happy with his job which helped him not to steal again. The Ernest family gave him the love and care that he never found in his life which made him a better person.

Jack wanted to tell the Ernest family about his past life . He didn’t want to hide anything from the kind family. One night Jack told them everything about his past life and told them because of their kind treatment he changed and he wanted to become a better person . The Ernest family pitied the young man who didn’t find a hand to help him all through his life .

They felt sad because Jack never had a friend or a family to teach him the good things in life . They didn’t tell him anything about what he said and didn’t blame him but they asked him to promise them that he will always be a good man and to promise to help everyone in need all his life so as to give people in need chances to become better as they did to him. Jack was so happy that the family didn’t blame him or even let go of him and because of that he promised them that he will always help people in need and to help people in trouble .  

Jack finally let go of all the bad things in his life . He became a new person. A person who helps people and who does his best to make people happy . The people in ‘Heaven’ loved Jack because he was a good person from the inside and helped everyone in need to keep his word for the family.

The kindness inside him finally came out to people when he felt their kindness.

The End

Moral stories for kids told us the story of Jack who changed completely when he found the family who helped him to become a better person. Treating people bad always results in bad consequences.

We should all treat people good and help each other. We should always look for kindness inside people .

Hope you liked this story . See you again sweet children…

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