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Funny true stories

Funny true stories

Funny true stories present short stories in a funny way for your child’s entertainment . Funny true stories tell true stories about incidents which took place in real life .

Funny true stories

Funny true stories present a good content of events which can add more to your child’s knowledge. The events of the story can be true stories about anything in history. These stories can deal with different fields such as scientific field , historic field or religious fields.

Let’s read the following stories to know what true stories are we going to read about in the following lines…

History fun facts

It was weekend time. Yaritza, Celi and their parents were staying at their house and watching television. The movie that they were watching was an interesting one . It was a science fiction movie . It talked about inventions which took place in the future in another planet .

The girls were so interested to watch the events . Science fiction movies are the type of movies that  catch people’s attention because they talk about things that might happen in the future …

Their parents found that the girls couldn’t stop watching the events for a second so they had an idea . They thought that they might all read a historical funny book about real people which took place through time. They will learn something important and add more to their knowledge . They already had the books they bought from the book fair last time and they only had to start reading .

The girls’ parents grabbed the book and called both girls when the movie finished . When the girls came , they told them that they were going to read with them a book that they will like .

The girls sat with their parents and started listening . Their father opened the book and started with the first story . The first one was about the origin of the potato chips that we all love . The story was about a hotel chef which was called chef George. He was a very good cook and loved to cook the best food. He worked in a hotel where rich people went to eat at . One day a very annoying rich man came to eat at his place . He didn’t like what he ate , which was a potato dish , and asked them to change his plate and bring another one because the potatoes were so not cooked the way he wanted and that potatoes were so soft and thick. Chef George didn’t take this well and thought of something special for this arrogant guest . He thought that he better prank him as an insult. He thought that he better cut potatoes to very thin slices and then fry them so as to be hard for the guest to teach him a lesson. After frying potatoes , he sprinkled a lot of salt on them . Unfortunately the plan turned the other way around on him and didn’t end the way he wanted . The guest liked the potatoes a lot and asked for another plate . The chef was actually disappointed that he loved the dish . News of this new dish spread and people started going to him for this dish . Chef George opened his restaurant afterwards and his potato chips became famous and world wide known. People around the world loved the plate of Chef George and it became the world’s famous snack.

Yaritza wnd Celi found it hilarious that potato chips were originally made to insult someone . They couldn’t believe that people didn’t invent it because they want to eat a new snack…

They asked their father to continue …

Their father started reading another story on the book about the famous Albert Einstein and his driver . One day when Albert’s driver was driving him to his destination he told Albert that he knew that he had enough giving lectures because he looked so bored . His driver told him that they both look a lot like each other and might benefit from that. The driver told him that he might do him a favour and give the lecture himself instead of him. The driver added that he had enough knowledge of what he gave through his lectures .

Albert liked his driver’s idea and told him that he would give it a try. They both exchanged their clothes . His driver started his lecture without noticing that it wasn’t him . Albert sat dressed as the driver at the back seats.During the lecture Albert found that his driver was actually good and everything was going okay till a mean professor asked him a tough question . The driver was clever and told him that his question was so easy that he will leave the answer to his driver . Albert started answering his question which made the mean professor feel embarrassed in front of the people in the lecture .

The girls laughed and said that they both were clever and taught the mean professor a lesson . Their father then continued reading the following story.

The incident was with the famous Picasso …

He was out with his friends one evening and when they returned to his house , they found that his house was been robbed by thieves . Everything in the house was been thrown everywhere and the house was been messed with . His friends found him so upset . They asked him if many valuable things were been stolen from the house that’s why he looked upset . His answer was hilarious . He told them that thieves only stole bedsheets and didn’t think of stealing his valuable paintings !!!

Actually that was funny for the girls.  They couldn’t believe how funny his reaction was . He didn’t  care about his belongings …he only cared about how precious his art was .

Actually it was a light evening for the small family . They enjoyed reading the stories from the book their father brought . It had many funny true stories which happened to real people .

The girls wanted their father to continue reading but the evening soon came to an end . Their father told them that he will stop reading for the moment and will continue reading more stories to them later on . The girls didn’t let go of their father till he promised to read some more stories to them the following day .

The family ate their dinner and chatted for a while and then they all left to their rooms to get some sleep.

The End

Funny true stories presented funny stories through history . Fun facts that actual people been through. The family had a good book to read for the evening.  They all enjoyed it and wanted to read more but it was time for them to get some sleep.

Hope you liked this story .

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See you again  sweet bears with a different story…

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