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Funny story in english

Ant celebrations funny stories

Funny story in English tells lovely funny stories to be read during your communication time with your child. It’s a fun and a short story that you will like.

Funny story in English

Funny story in English tells stories of imaginary characters or real ones. It doesn’t have to be about specific details . The field of the short story is open to anything known or unknown.

Let’s read about the following story to see what will it present to us this time.

Ant celebrations

Inside an ant colony , the ants were celebrating an important event at the same time of every year. Their queen laid a lot of eggs . They celebrate the new babies of the queen every time it lays eggs . She laid millions of eggs which meant more workers and more soldiers for their ant colony and that in itself is an important event.

The organizing ants organized a very good and entertaining program for the ants in the colony . The females in the colony prepared the food for the celebration and the male ones prepared what was needed for other celebration preparations . They were all happy and waiting to start the celebration. The competition was a swimming one. Ants who could dive participated in the competition.

Decorations were made to the ant colony to add a more fun and delightful atmosphere.

The program was made especially for the swimmers.

Celebration started by afternoon time . Queen sugar , the queen of the colony , sat on her majestic chair and waited for the contest to start . She wore a funny feathery hat . She liked to wear weird costumes all the time . She had her own designer who design the costumes that she asked for no matter what his decision was.

Snooky , the head of the organizing contests team, gave her sign to start celebrations.

They started with an entertaining singing competition to entertain the audience . They finished their singing and the audience clapped a lot for the singing team. They were so good.

The ants began the swimming contest next .Ants wore their swimsuits for swimming . Snooky gave her sign to  start the swimming contest . All ants were ready to dive underwater water . Their swimsuits were so colorful. They were to hold their breaths underwater for the time given. The loser is the one who can’t hold his breath for the duration needed.

Diving thunderstorm was the best diver. He competes everytime when the diving contest takes place.

Fat bobby also who was a very fat ant was to compete too in spite of his losing every time in a funny way . Fat bobby and diving thunder always always bicker and annoy each other every contest. Once they see each other , they start to fight .

Ants jumped into the water and dove deep down the water . It was a hilarious scene since all ants couldn’t dive for a long time . Most came up on the surface for catch their breaths.Diving ants did their best to dive as long as they could but many of them just bloated on the surface in a funny way.

Diving thunder stayed for a very long time under the water and fat bobby couldn’t stay more than two minutes under water and the time given was for twenty minutes !!!

All other ants who lost the competition swam back again except for fat bobby …

Fat bobby tried to swim back but every time he did that he just drowned more in water. They tried to encourage him to swim back but he couldn’t. He was too fat to exert more effort to swim back. He kept trying to float on water in a very funny way . In the end , the lifeguard who was there jumped in water to save him.

What happened next was the opposite from what was expected. When the lifeguard tried to swim back with him , fat bobby kept jumping on him and grabbing his neck which made them sink more under water .

The audience kept laughing a lot at him . He was screaming in a funny way. When they all gave up that the lifeguard or fat bobby could swim back , they sent them more ants on a boat to bring fat bobby back . When the ants went to their spot , all ants throw bobby a huge swim ring to bring him back .

He hilariously grabbed the ring and all ants helped each other to pull the ring back . After a huge effort they saved fat bobby . Diving thunder won the competition. When they gave him the golden medal he kept teasing fat bobby for not winning and made fun of him . Fat bobby pushed diving thunder on the ground and literally sat on him. Poor him , he couldn’t breathe properly because of fat bobby . A lot of ants tried to move fat bobby but he refused to move . More ants tried to make more effort moving him but they couldn’t.  The queen was laughing non stop at the scene . When she saw that nothing was done and that diving bobby was completely hopeless , she ordered fat bobby to move .

Diving bobby was all pale and blue now . It was a tough time for him. He was trying to breathe properly till finally he was okay.

They ants tried to keep them both as much as they could but it was in vain. Fat bobby started to run after diving thunder . Diving thunder ran very fast from him till he disappeared. Fat bobby couldn’t run anymore because of his weight . He just sat on the ground next to the food table and kept eating till he slept!!!

It was such a funny time for ants especially after fat bobby and diving thunder who made the whole day .

It was for sure a scene to be remembered for a long time.

The End

Funny story in english told us the story of the celebration of the ants . When the swimming competition started fat bobby and diving thunder were very funny . All ants were having fun because of what they were doing .

Hope you liked this story because if you do then you should wait for our coming one …

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See you again with a different story .

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