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Hungry pandas Funny stories

Funny stories to tell are that kind of stories describing some funny stories to be told to your little kids.

Funny stories to tell

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Let’s read the following story together…

Hungry pandas

Once upon a time there was a small family who lived in China . They lived near the bamboo forest . The father and the mother were plant discoverers. They loved nature so much and loved to know more about it. They loved to discover forest secrets that’s why they lived near the forest. They had a little daughter called Ming. Ming loved nature liked her parents .

Everyday her parents used to take Ming with them to the bamboo forest . She loved the place there.

The bamboo forest was so beautiful. It was full of very tall bamboo trees. The small family used to take a path in between the bamboo trees made especially for people to walk into the forest and enjoy the beauty of it .

Ming’s parents used to go to the area they want to discover and leave Ming next to them . They gave her food and some snacks so that she eats when she’s hungry. Her parents used to look closer to every kind of plant there . They sometimes take some with them to look closer in their small lab that they have at their house.

Ming wasn’t at all bored when she accompanied her parents . She used to eat her food and enjoy looking at the beauty of the forest . She paid a lot of attention to what her parents say about plants as well. Her parents discovered many new plants at the forest .

One day ,when Ming’s parents were examining plants  , she opened her lunch box for a snack that she could eat because she was so hungry.  She started eating a bar of chocolate that her mother gave her that morning. Her parents called her to take a look at a beautiful area that they found. She left the chocolate and her lunch box to take a look at what they found.

They found a beautiful area covered with glowing flowers covering the tall bamboo trees . The flowers were extremely breathtaking . They were colored in red , pink and purple . They found themselves in a beautiful area so Ming’s father took out his camera and took them some pictures. They stayed for a while and then left to their area . When they went back , Ming found that her chocolate and food were gone. She told her parents that everything was been taken from her lunch box . She was so upset . Her parents told her that it was okay . They told her that some animals or birds may have stolen the food. They then left to their house .

The following day Ming’s parents went to the area they were at the previous day. Ming didn’t leave her place that time . She sat next to her lunch box literally so as not to be taken again . Ming took her bar of chocolate out of her box and started eating . She then left her bar of chocolate next to her and took out her bottle of water to drink . Suddenly Ming found a black fury hand taking her chocolate which was besides her. She couldn’t see which animal was taking her chocolate but she knew that it liked it . She stayed calm with a smile on her face and put some of her lunch too on the bench so that the hungry animal takes it too. She tried to take a closer look at the animal but the trees covered the animal completely .The animal then ran away after eating her food.

When the animal ran away , Ming told her parents about what happened. They kept laughing at the animal which kept stealing their girl’s lunch . They told her that if she wanted to know the animal then she should take more food with her to make the animal visit her daily till it shows itself.

She listened to her parent’s advice and she started putting more food and chocolate to the animal till one day the animal felt that it was safe and showed itself. Ming was extremely happy when she saw a black and white panda standing in front of her. Her parents were so excited to see the panda . The panda looked so cute and fat indeed.

Her parents were watching from a distance and started getting bit by bit closer from the panda. The panda finally started to play with them . The panda kept doing very funny things . The panda kept searching Ming’s bag for more food . It was still hungry . The panda then started to search for more food in her pockets but when she couldn’t find in her bag anything , Ming’s father gave her some sweets that he had in his pocket.

When Ming’s father gave the panda the sweets , it ran towards her father and jumped over him in a hilarious way . Ming’s father fell on the ground but was laughing so much at what the panda did. The panda kept playing with her father’s hair and pulling it from his head . It kept looking so close to him . Ming’s father couldn’t stop laughing . The panda then went to Ming’s mother and started to take a closer look at her too. She searched her pockets for more food. It was such a hungry panda that was searching relentlessly for food. It was a funny scene . The panda was so funny and kept playing with them in a funny way . The panda was happy and kept jumping and rolling itself around the family .

The panda didn’t take care that it threw everything the family put on their seat on the ground. She suddenly ran quickly towards Ming. Ming fell on the ground like her father from the heavy panda. The panda took Ming’s hand and pushed her towards the bamboo trees . Ming and her parents walked with the panda which took them to more pandas . It was amazing for the family. They enjoyed playing with the pandas . The pandas kept rolling around them and playing with each other a lot. They kept eating all the time . They ate whatever they found in front of them. The family spent quite a long time with the pandas till it was time for them to leave.  

The family left the pandas to go home. They were so happy about discovering the place of pandas. The following days Ming spent her time playing with them and bringing them food . They were heavy eaters . They loved the chocolate that she brought them. It was the family’s small discovery that they kept a secret to keep the pandas safe .

The End

Funny stories to tell told us the story of the beautiful pandas that the family discovered their place in the forest . They were such cute and lovely animals and for sure loved playing and eating.

If you liked this story then you should wait for the coming one .

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See you again sweet pandas…

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