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Funny stories to tell kids

Where are my socks? Funny stories

Funny stories to tell kids are short funny ones to read with your children. You all will enjoy some light story events when you read the funny stories.

Funny stories to tell kids

Funny stories to tell kids give you and your children a real fun time. Funny humorous stories are always fun . The funny stories always draw a smile on your child’s face .

Let’s read the following story and have fun together…

Where are my socks?

Mark was in his bedroom looking for his lost socks . He asked his mother about his blue socks and she told him that all his socks were in their usual place … in the drawer…

Mark tried to find his socks but he couldn’t find anything . He searched his room for his blue socks but still he couldn’t find them . They completely disappeared . Mark was sure that he left his socks on his bed the same morning before he left his room. Mark now was looking for them because he had to go out with his parents . They were going to a restaurant to have dinner.

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He finally gave up and chose another socks to leave. It was not the first time he loses socks . It was getting more weird that every time he puts socks to be worn later, he couldn’t find them . He thought about it for quite a long time . There was no reasonable explanation for that . He was sure that he didn’t have a memory problem.

When he went out with his parents , his mother asked him whether he found his socks or not. Mark told her that he couldn’t find them and that he had to wear a different pair. His parents laughed at him because it wasn’t his first time to lose socks . It was more like a habit for Mark recently. His parents kept telling jokes about it and they all were laughing about it. Mark felt so confused about losing lots of pairs recently.

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The family spent a wonderful evening at the restaurant . Mark for sure ate a lot . He had a very big fruits ice cream. They left the restaurant to go to their house.

Mark went to his room to change his clothes to get some sleep. Mark changed his clothes and sat on his bed to read before he slept. When he sat , he noticed that his clothes closet wasn’t closed properly. Mark got closer to his closet and thought that his dog might be there and locked itself up. He opened the closet and found a small elf wearing his blue socks and carrying the rest of what he lost a while ago .  The elf was short and very fat . He had a big belly and was wearing funny clothes like those worn by a clown!!!

Both the elf and Mark screamed . They kept screaming non stop at each other. The elf kept opening the closet and closing it a couple of times and screaming when seeing Mark as if he will disappear.

Mark then stepped away from the elf and moved back suddenly and didn’t pay attention to the ball on the floor so he stumbled and then fell on the floor. The elf got out of the closet and asked Mark not to be afraid . He told him that all what he wanted was to take the socks only to leave .

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Mark told him that he couldn’t take his socks and both started to fight over the socks. They both kept pulling the socks from each other till they both fell…

The elf told him that he couldn’t leave the socks because he had to take them to his land to be traded for goods. Mark felt so weird that they trade socks for goods. The elf told him that they loved socks so much and that they were so valuable for them.

The elf told him that every night they visit the houses for socks and then they leave . He told him that their magic worked only outside houses not inside. He added that inside the houses , they had to sneak in carefully so as not to be caught . The elf told him that he was so late for his family and that he had to leave to trade the socks . Mark told him that he couldn’t take all of his socks like that so the elf told him that he had to take them all . The elf added that as a return for his socks , he could ask for a wish to be fulfilled .

Mark didn’t know what to ask for so he thought for a while and came up with one wish .

Mark told him that he will allow him to take the socks with him but on one condition. His condition was that he wanted the elf to show him his home and his land.

The elf was in a hurry and told him that he couldn’t take him to his land however he could show him his home through his magical crystal.

Mark couldn’t say no and was so excited to see what the magic crystal had inside. The elf asked him to go outside the house. Mark agreed and both left the house. They sneaked outside the house and found a huge tree to hide behind . They hid behind the tree and the elf said some magical words to make his crystal work.

The magic crystal worked and Mark started seeing some houses and a different land . The land was covered with lots of green areas . Suddenly , he saw the socks market. It was a very funny market . They put a huge socks picture on the market’s door .

The little elves looked so funny running everywhere in the market . They were trading lots of socks . They had funny looking fish and funny looking animals . Once they traded socks for goods , they dance in a funny way .

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They looked more like funny clowns . They all were the same . They had big bellies , big noses and no hair at all even the females were funny . They wore funny looking duckling hats and had fury shoes.  Their houses were in different colors . Every house had a big picture hanged on its door with the families pictures.

Mark had fun looking at the weird and funny land of the elf. The elf was in a hurry so he asked Mark if he could take the socks to leave to his town. Mark didn’t say no and told him that he could definitely take the socks . The elf jumped out of happiness . He then danced in a funny way because of taking the socks .

Mark told him that he could visit him the next time for more socks if he wanted . The elf couldn’t be happier and danced his funny dance with his big belly moving in the funniest way ever . Mark laughed so hard at the elf . The elf told him goodbye and disappeared .

Mark couldn’t believe what took place with him and that he saw an actual elf . He hurried to his house and woke his parents up to tell them about what he saw. His parents laughed a lot at Mark because they believed that it was just a dream. Mark kept dancing like the elf to show his parents how the elf was dancing . He made them laugh so hard because he imitated him in a hilarious way and tried to move his belly like the elf but he couldn’t because he didn’t have a big belly like the elf.

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Mark then left them to go to sleep . He was extremely happy at what had happened to him . Mark sat on his bed and slept deeply …

The End

Funny stories to tell kids told us the story of the socks elf . I guess we all have elves taking socks in our houses !!!

Hope you enjoyed this one my sweet bears …

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See you again…

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