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Funny stories for kids

Messy house Funny stories

Funny stories for kids are always good and funny ones to be read . You will definitely have fun reading them . They have good stories to be told to your child.

Funny stories for kids

Funny stories for kids are good readings to your children. You can invest your child’s time to read a good book with him/ her with a good lesson within the lines.

Let’s read the following lines together to have some fun.

Messy house

Yaritza and her sister Celi were very bored . They were just sitting in their room doing nothing .
They finished all their homeworks and were looking for something new to be done that day .
They started drawing some colorful pictures but they soon stopped drawing . They watched
television and played outside the house but they didn’t want to do anything else that they were used to do.

They both sat together and started thinking of what should they do as a new activity . Theycame up with many ideas but none of them suited both .

Yaritza told Celi that the best thing that they could do was to help their mother cleaning the house . She was tired and went to her room to get some sleep .
Celi hesitated and told Yaritza that their mother has always asked them to just stay wherever they were and not clean the house with her . They both agreed to help her anyway and believed that she will be extremely happy when she wakes up and finds the house been cleaned . They didn’t actually know the reason behind her refusal to help her.
Their poor mother will definitely find a surprise waiting for her when she wakes up … They wanted to clean the floor so they brought a water bucket and filled it water and soap .
They put a whole bottle of floor cleaner in the bucket which made the water very foamy .
They started to mop the house with water in the bucket which made the floor so slippery . They fell a couple of times during their cleaning with the soapy water . They poured a lot of soapy water on the floor because they believed that it was the best way to clean . Now the floor was all wet and foamy .

They didn’t clean the floor properly from the soapy water which made all floors of the house slippery and foamy which will definitely make anyone fall down. The rugs of the house became so wet of the water that they used and became foamy too.

After mopping with soapy water they started to clean the house electronic devices with a wet and dirty piece of cloth. They put a piece of cloth in the dirty water bucket and used it to clean the electronic devices .The devices had lots of smudges on them .

They then left to go to the bathroom to clean it . It was good and clean before they started cleaning it and after they cleaned it became completely different. They started with the floor .
They poured water on the floor and brought the floor brush to brush the floor . They brushed the floor and then they left it to clean the sink. The bathroom floor was covered too with water and soap and they just left it to do something else . They tried to clean the sink but they didn’t find any cleaning soap so they used hair shampoo !!!
They cleaned the sink with a whole bottle of hair shampoo and were actually having fun of the bubbles coming out . They stopped what they were doing and started throwing the foamy bubbles on each other till they became all wet .

They tried to clean the bathtub but what happened was the complete opposite . They filled the bathtub with water and soap and agreed to leave it till they finish cleaning the kitchen .
They left the bathtub tap opened and left !!!

When they went to the kitchen , they thought that they might start to clean the fridge itself from the inside . They opened the fridge and took all food out and put the food on the floor. They found many sweets that they loved in the fridge so they started eating them . They ate a lot of sweets and threw their paper wraps on the floor. The fridge door was opened and left without any attention to it.

They pulled a chair and wanted to clean the dishes for their mother so they stood together on one chair and started cleaning the dishes . The dishes which were supposed to be cleaned properly were left with soap marks on them. They didn’t clean them properly. Yaritza tried to put some dishes on a far table but the dishes slipped from her hands and fell on the floor. Broken glass was everywhere …
The noise was so loud that their parents woke up and left their room to see what happened .
They called the girls . When Yaritza and Celi heard their parents , they tried to get down the chair quickly but what happened was that they both fell on each other in a very funny way . They knew that they were in trouble.

Their parents saw what happened in their house . It was a disaster . Their mother was going to have a heart attack because of what she saw.
All floors were wet and full of smudges . Foamy water on electronic devices and the rugs were wet .
They heard the sound of water running in the bathroom and when they went to see what happened , they found that the bathtub was completely overfilled with water and spilling the rest of the water on the floor. A whole bottle of shampoo has been thrown on floor .
Their parents were shocked . They closed the water taps and left to see the kitchen. They found broken glass everywhere and found that the fridge was opened and the girls on the floor.

Their poor parents just sat for a while to try to grasp all of that . They just left to sleep . Their father asked them why did they do that . They told him that they tried to help their mother clean the house . Their parents didn’t know what to say .
Their mother finally started talking . She surprisingly didn’t shout at them but she told them that they made a huge mess . She told them that they should never clean the house again . They promised her not to do that again .
The whole family started helping each other cleaning the house till they finally finished . It was very exhausting for their parents . It took them the whole day to clean all that mess but they finally finished . The girls sat on the couch and slept because they were so tired . Their parents kept laughing about what the girls did. True it was a tough day but they for sure will have a funny memory to share when they grow up.

The End

Funny stories for kids told us the funny story of Yaritza and Celi who thought that they were cleaning the house . They didn’t know that the house was more clean before they start cleaning it.

You should all ask for guidance from your parents before you take any decisions .

Hope you liked this story my little ones .

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See you again …


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