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Funny stories for children

Baby Celine on beach Funny stories

Funny stories for children are short stories for your little ones . You can read them during your reading time with your kid. It has funny events to entertain both of you .

Funny stories for children

Funny stories are light stories carrying events which your kid will like because it somehow describe actions similar to theirs.

Let’s read the following stories to know what story it tells us this time .

Baby Celine on beach

Christina and her little baby sister Celine were going to the beach. Her parents started packing and arranging their bags and as usual baby Celine kept messing things up . She kept taking their clothes out of the bags and kept messing things up . Her mess took more time arranging things over and over again because the baby was so naughty .

Poor Christina had to rearrange her clothes dozens of times because she kept messing with her bags and not just that , she also kept throwing all her books on the floor and kept throwing everything around in Christina’s room .Christina did her best to keep baby Celine away from her stuff but she couldn’t stop the beast.

Christina tried to put everything which was on the tables on her upper shelves but she couldn’t either because Celine pushed the chairs in the room to reach the higher shelves. She left nothing in its place .

Finally Christina was done  packing and the same for her parents .

When they all were ready to go , they all settled in the car and their father drove the car . Their destination was the beach. It took them about a  couple of hours in the car and then they finally reached the beach . Actually they all were happy leaving the car because baby Celine was such a hyper active monkey inside the car. She almost jumped in every inch of the car. She jumped on her mother and sister . She started to pull their hair and spilled juice on their clothes . She tried more than twice to cover her father’s eyes while driving. They were so glad leaving the car . Now it was beach time. They booked their hotel room and put their luggage and then left.

They headed to the beach . The girls’ mother changed  baby Celine’s clothes who ran towards the beach when she saw it leaving all of them . She fell on the sand more than once on her way to the water . She crawled for some time too . Finally she was there in front of the beach and nothing could  stop her at that moment .

They sat on some chairs under a beach umbrella. They gave baby Celine some sand toys and a small bucket to build her castles and to play with them. The moment she took the toys she kept digging sand and throwing it on them . She threw sand everywhere and when she was done throwing sand everywhere , she started eating some to taste . They all tried to tell her that no one eats sand but still she had to try some . She coughed and kept spitting sand when she ate it . They all laughed a lot and couldn’t stop because she looked so funny . She was covered with sand and not just that , she ate some as well.

It was now time for her to be taken for a swim in the beach.

They took the swimming ring for the baby and started going deeper. The beach waves were so refreshing . Whenever a wave comes baby Celine laughs because it was something funny for her .

They had fun swimming and the waves were perfect to be ridden .

Fish was swimming closer to them . They could actually feel the fish tickling their feet . Baby Celine enjoyed looking at the colorful fish. The fish swam in groups and some were not in groups. They saw people diving to take a closer look .

Baby Celine tried to catch some fish herself with her bare hands but the fish were so fast . When she gave up , she started to just watch them…

The weather was too hot and the beach was getting more croudy so they all decided to go to get some rest at the hotel .

Baby Celine couldn’t wait to sleep at the hotel . She slept on their way to the hotel. The day was so exhausting for her. The day soon ended and night came . They all went to sleep . Baby Celine and her family enjoyed a lovely day at the beach . An exhausting day but a beautiful one . Their vacation was a long one and they decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy their presence near the beach to the max.

The End

Funny stories for children described the beautiful day of baby Celine and her family . I guess that we all agree that she had an amazing time .

Don’t forget to wait for us again . See you again my little children .

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