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Runaway monkeys Funny stories

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Funny short stories

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Runaway monkeys

Maya was a lovely girl. She had a beautiful little sister called Anna . They were good girls and funny ones too . They loved to play with each other . They really had fun together. They loved to play all games together. Maya took a good care of her little sister. Their parents loved to watch both of them playing with each other .

Maya owned a small dog that she kept outside the house. It was a sweet dog . The family loved it so much .

All the family were at their living room sitting on their favorite couch. They were watching television. They saw in the news that two monkeys escaped from the zoo. They asked people who was watching television to inform the police station if they found them. They found it a very funny piece of news . Runaway monkeys was something that they don’t hear about everyday. They said that they must have been intelligent monkeys to escape from the zoo. Anna kept imitating how the monkeys jump in a hilarious way that they all laughed at.

Maya , Anna and their parents then started to watch a movie together . Their mother made them some popcorn and brought some potato chips to eat in front of television. The movie was a good one and they all liked watching it .

Suddenly they heard their dog barking very loud . They thought that it was barking as usual and didn’t think that there was anything unusual. They didn’t know that they will be in an unusual situation . A situation that people don’t  face everyday.

The dog didn’t stop barking so they all went out to see why was the dog barking that loud .

When they went out , they found nothing . The dog didn’t stop barking either when the family were out with it. They thought that it was just feeling lonely and started playing with the dog but there was something strange about it . It kept looking towards the house in a strange way . The dog refused to play with them . The family then left the dog . They found that it was useless to stay with it because they didn’t find any unusual thing outside the house . They went back inside the house to continue eating the snacks .

They all sat on the couch next to each other . When they were watching television and eating their snacks , they heard a very loud noise coming from the kitchen . They went to the kitchen to see what happened. They found everything thrown on the floor in the kitchen. Many food was been taken out of the fridge . They kept searching for what was there but they found nothing . When they left the kitchen they found two monkeys jumping on them and stealing their snacks . The monkeys were jumping non stop inside the living room .

The family was extremely surprised at what was taking place . They couldn’t  imagine what was going on with them. They have monkeys inside their house . They must have been the runaway monkeys that was on the news  .

The monkeys then started running after them . The whole family kept running everywhere . Poor girls were so scared and kept clinging to their parents . Anna kept crying because she was so scared . Maya was a little bit braver than her sister but not so much . She was trying to carry her sister as much as she could and be closer to her parents .  It was too much for the small family especially the girls. They were frightened …

The monkeys went crazy and kept throwing everything they found on their way on the floor. Many things were broken . Their father then started to run to catch the monkeys to stop them from destroying the entire house . He fell a lot during his attempts to catch them.

After many tries and with the help of their mother they managed to catch them . Their mother brought the dog chains so as to chain them . Finally they were chained . Their father took the monkeys to put them outside the house with the dog .

When the dog saw them , it kept barking again . Now they understood the reason for it’s barking in a crazy way. When the monkeys saw the dog they started annoying the dog . The started to run after the dog in spite of their chains . The girls’ father couldn’t hold the chains properly so he fell on the ground and the monkeys dragged him on the ground. They kept dragging him around and didn’t stop. True they were small monkeys but together they were stronger that they dragged him.

Maya’s mother tried to help their father but when she got closer she slipped too and fell . It was a disaster .

The monkeys truly made a mess. The dog tried as much as it could to cut it’s chain to run after them till it finally cut it. More mess took place .

The dog ran after the monkeys who didn’t stop dragging their father . This time he tried harder to stand up on his feet . He finally did it . The girls and their mother stopped the dog from doing any more problems. Their father asked them to call the police station so that they come and take the monkeys. They quickly called them and they waited for them. The family waited for some time for the police officers . It wasn’t  so long but it was forever for them . The monkeys didn’t stop moving

. Their father was doing his best to control the monkeys .

The police officers finally arrived. They saw the mess that the monkeys made and saw how bad the family looked because of them . They took the chains from the girls’ father and thanked the family for their effort.

When they started moving with the monkeys . The monkeys jumped over them and kept pulling their hair . The monkeys started taking out what was in the pockets of the officers and threw them on the ground. The officers picked up their things back but the monkeys threw them again so the officers picked them up again . The monkeys did that for a lot of times on their way to the car . Finally the managed to put them in the animal cage that they brought with them and finally the monkeys were inside the cage . The police officers were relieved . Now they could go back to the police station.

They then disappeared out of sight . The family looked very messy . They went inside the house and sat on their couch again without moving . The monkeys really made them so tired . They sat on the couch without talking for a while . Their father then started laughing at what took place in their house . The girls and their mother started laughing too . It was really hilarious . They couldn’t imagine that monkeys visited their house . It was just like a dream for them . They kept talking about it for a long till they all slept on the couch out of exhaustion .

The End

Funny short stories told us the story of the monkeys which escaped and sneaked in to Maya’s house. Can you imagine monkeys visiting you one day and making all of that mess!!!

Let’s hope that we never be in that situation like them .

If you liked this story then you should wait for our coming one .

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See you again little bears…

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