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funny short stories for kids to tell

Sara and Tara funny stories for kids

Funny short stories for kids to tell is a wonderful kind of stories that make your kids happy and smart. That kind of stories are a great and useful way learn your kids.

funny short stories for kids to tell

 Funny short stories for kids to tell make you spend a wonderful time with you little kids. You can learn your little kids throw telling them many short stories and especially funny ones.

Sara and Tara

In one of the most beautiful places in the world, there were two wonderful girls. They were twins. They loved each other and there was nothing that could separate them .

Sara and Tara. they had a kind , tender and smart characters. Sara was a funny Character but Tara was a straight.one one day the family of Sara and Tara wanted to go to the Country . Sarah was very happy for that visit. Tara had another opinion. Tara liked to be alone most of her time.

Sara and Tara went to the country with their family to visit their aunt Suzan .

Suzan was their biggest aunt She was 80 years old.

She had a problem with her ear She couldn’t hear well .

Sarah and Tara loved their aunt Suzan. They had a very wonderful time with her.

One day their aunt told them a funny story had happened to her when she was young.

Sarah told her aunt that her story was so funny. Suddenly the aunt Suzan had a Traubel, she couldn’t  hear Sarah words . Sarah repeated the words again and again and her aunt Suzan Couldn’t hear. Aunt Suzan was hearing another words like the word (young), she heard it (young) and the word (sad) , she heard it (mad) . Sarah laughed and laughed.

Tara was more reasonable and told Sarah not to laugh at her aunt .

Aunt Suzan was happy to see Sarah and Tara and spend a lot of time with them.

Sara and Tara wanted to go shopping Sarah wanted to buy a new dress and Tara wanted to buy a new book about Cooking .

Tara liked to Cook by herself . She cooked a very delicious dish. She cooked spaghetti and meat balls .

Sarah and the aunt Suzan were very happy , they also liked spaghetti and meat balls.

Also there was a wonderful dish , it was green salad they had a wonderful time . Sarah wanted to make a trick to have some fun.

She went slowly and slowly to surprise her aunt.

Tara was busy reading her new book . Sarah surprised her aunt Suzan who was so easy that she didn’t punish Sarah and Sarah went to her room.

The house was very big and had many rooms.

At the night Sara and Tara went to bed t sleep.

The day after that, in the morning , They woke up early and they listened aloud voice .

It was the voice of a man . it was a happily and strongly voice .

Who was the man of that voice ? oh! He was uncle Tom.

He was the favorite to Sara and Tara.He loved them very much.

Sara and Tara was very happy to see uncle Tom. They wanted him to tell them many funny stories .

Tara wanted to make him a wonderful dish.She knew that uncle Tom likes chicken.

Tara thought that her book would help in that state.

Immediately Tara opened her book and found a wonderful steps to cook a delicious dish of chicken.

Tara was very happy that she would make her uncle Tom happy.

Sara also want to make something to make her uncle Tom happy.

Sara knew that her uncle Tom liked to play basketball .

She bought a ball and arranged with Tara something to be ready to play basketball with uncle Tom .

Sara and Tara told their uncle about what they did .

He was so happy to knew that Sara and Tara loves him so much .

They all played basketball and aunt Suzan was the watcher. They had a nice time , then Tara made the table for lunch . They all were very happy.

Sara and Tara had a very nice time with both their aunt Suzan and uncle Tom.

Sara and Tara loved each other all their life and lived happily together.

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