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Funny moral stories

Little Jack Funny moral stories

Funny moral stories present short stories in a light humorously way. They describe some events with a moral content to benefit your child.

Funny moral stories

Funny moral stories teach your child some good morals through their characters. They present real characters in our daily life. Through them some life lessons can be taught to your children .

Let’s read the following story together.

Little Jack

Once upon a time there was a cute little boy whose name was Jack. Jack was a tiny little kid. He was a  short and thin boy . He had a lisp when speaking as well . Jack wore braces for his teeth which gave him a weird look .

Jack was been bullied by a boy in his class named Tom because of his appearance . He used to prank him a lot because he couldn’t fight for himself.

Once Tom wrote a fake love letter to the prettiest girl in his class and wrote on the letter that he loved her . The result of that was that Jack took  detention that day adding to that the girl’s reaction to the letter . When she read the letter she felt so upset at him that she threw a whole bottle of water on him which made all his classmates laugh.

Another time Tom pranked little Jack by pouring baby oil in his pencil case . Tom put a whole bottle in his pencil case that when Jack opened his pencil case , he was covered all over with baby oil . He couldn’t remove the baby oil easily at school.

Jack tried to talk to Tom a lot but he was only been thrown in the garbage bin and found himself covered with smelly garbage.

Jack did not reach any solution with Tom . Tom insisted to prank and annoy him all the time.

Once during lunch time the moment Jack left to the bathroom leaving his food on the table , Tom Put fake cockroaches between his bowls and added some laxatives in the chocolate drink that he was drinking . When Jack came back from the bathroom , he found the fake cockroaches next to his food so he quickly threw his lunch away from him which made students laugh at him in the cafeteria. He tried to drink some juice after that and the moment he drank the juice he felt that his stomach hurt a lot and he quickly ran to the bathroom. He went a lot to the bathroom that day because of the laxatives. Jack suffered a lot from Tom during his school days .

Another day there was a big school party that the school organized because it was the end of their mid year exams . Tom covered his classroom teacher’s car with toilet papers and when his teacher asked them who did that to him , Tom told him that he saw Jack doing that to his car . The result was a disaster for Jack . His teacher asked him first to clean the mess and then suspended him from school the following day . Jack didn’t know what to do anymore . He stayed so sad at his house . His parents didn’t  believe that he didn’t do anything .

Jack didn’t know that his life will get better sooner than he expected.

One day he finished his school day and was on his way home. He heard someone asking for help . He didn’t know from where that sound came . He followed the sound till he found Tom injured badly because he fell from his bicycle

His leg was bleeding a lot .  He was in an area where no one could hear him clearly between the houses. Jack thought that it was better if he could take him home to his parents .

Jack asked him not to be afraid and asked him if he could move . Tom told him that he can’t move his leg anymore . Jack tried to help Tom to stand up . Jack was very small yet he managed to help Tom to move and kept helping him till they reached his house. When his parents saw Jack and how small he was and that he did his best to help Tom , they thanked him a lot for doing his best helping him . They appreciated what he did and told him that he can ask for their help any time . Jack thanked them and left.

Finally Tom learnt the lesson . He did bad things to Jack but Jack helped him when he was in trouble and needed his help. He had a small body yet a very kind and big heart and the tendency to help people.

Tom owed Jack an apology. When Tom was back to his school when his leg was cured , he apologized sincerely for annoying him . He also went to his teacher to apologize to him and to tell him the truth about everything he did and added that Jack wasn’t the trouble maker.

Both of them became friends by time after long days of bullying . Tom stopped doing harm to people after that incident and learnt that no one has to judge people by their looks.

The End

Funny moral stories told us the story of Jack who was small in his body but had a big heart helping people and the story of Tom who learnt to stop bullying people when he found the one whom he was bullying him ,helping him when he was in trouble . He learnt to respect people and to stop bullying them .

If you liked this story then wait for our coming one .

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See you again my lovely kids…

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Funny moral stories

funny short stories with moral lessons pdf

funny short stories with moral lessons pdf present short stories in a light humorously way. …

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