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The Laughing duck bedtime stories

funny kids bedtime stories are simple short funny stories that you can read or told your kids before sleeping. they will be happy and comfortable. English story for kids offer you what you want to read.

funny kids bedtime stories

funny bedtime stories for kids make all of you happy. they also learn you and your kids useful things that help you in your life. i hope you will be.

The Laughing duck

Beco, the laughing duck is the hero of our story. there was a funny laughing duck. It was called Beco. It liked swimming. one day Beco wanted to travel to visit its aunt Zozo. its aunt was living in a big farm.

Beco took many presents to its aunt. when Beco arrived the farm. its aunt was very happy to see it. Beco had a tour in the farm , it saw many birds.

it liked the farm and the other birds. they also liked Beco.

Beco was funny and it liked laughing. it called the other birds and told them very funny jokes. its aunt Zozo was so happy to the jokes of Beco. Beco had anew friend Checo.

Checo was always sad. Beco was always happy. they loved each other. Beco wanted to make Checo happy. Beco asked Checo to go with it in picnic and tried hard to make Checo Laugh. Checo tried to help Beco in making it happy but it couldn’t.

Beco wondered if Checo had a problem. Checo told Beco that there was one.

Checo said that it wanted to leave the Farm and went to the City. Beco laughed loudly and loudly. That was your problem , I would help you to go to the City said Beco to Checo.

Beco knew the City well. when Checo knew that Beco would help it to see the wonderful city, it was very happy and it laughed and lawy hed   Beco was happy to see happiness in Checo’s eyes. Now Beco and Checo will make a big thing. they will run away from the Farm without making any noise and without telling any one. Beco will tell Checo about every thing in the City. Beco and Checo will take the train to reach the City. In a clear night Beco and Checo was ready to leave the Farm.

Beco didn’t want to disturb any one especially its aunt Zozo. Beco and Checo were very happy and they tool a lot of food with them. they also took water and money to get what they want.

Beco and Checo went to the city by the train. it was a wonderful journey. They saw many fantastic things in their way to the city. finally they reached the city. Lights of the city surprised Checo and made it wonder if it could live all its life in the city.

The life in the city seemed to be a wonderful life . Beco told Checo that they will go to a place that Checo will be so happy there.

Beco took Checo and went to the theater.In the theater was a funny play . ‘the funny bunny’ it was the name of the play. Checo was amazed. everything in the theater was wonderful. Checo loved the life of the city. Checo hoped that it would live happily in the city. suddenly and while Checo was though ting that thought, a big fire had started in the theater Checo was so scared.

The righting scene of the city is going to be terrified scene .

Checo told Beco that they must leave the theater right now.

Beco also was so frightened . Every thing is going to be the worst in their life .

Beco hurried up and took Checo ‘s hand to go out the theater. there was a big stone in front of them.

Checo shouted loudly and loudly, return me back to the farm Beco.

Beco was surprised to  hear that. they hurried up and carried the big stone together. They were far from fire.

Checo  insisted on returning to the farm. it hated the life in the city . That fire made it nervous. 

Beco told it  that it wouldn’t came to the farm again . Checo was sorry to hear that, but it was happy to know that it will return to the farm .

Checo said to Beco the last words between them. Checo said the life that god gifted me is a wonderful life and i won’t change it to a bad one

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