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Funny bedtime stories

Crazy vegetables Funny bedtime stories

Funny bedtime stories are funny stories to be read when it’s bedtime for your kid . A light humorous  story to read is a fun way to spend some good time with your child.

Funny bedtime stories

Funny bedtime stories are definitely a cheer up time for your child . I guess nothing is better than reading a story which brings a smile to both of you.

Let’s read the following story and have some fun ….

Crazy vegetables

Maya and her mother went to the vegetables market . They started picking the best vegetables for the perfect vegetable soup.

Maya was so happy picking vegetables with her mother . It was her first time to pick vegetables with her mother. Her mother promised her to cook the soup with her too.

Her mother told her about the names and types of all vegetables. Maya was so excited .

They reached their house and both left to the kitchen . They put their food basket on the kitchen table and started preparing the things they need to cook their soup .

They prepared everything to cook their soup . Maya sat on the kitchen table . Suddenly both of them heard a noise coming from the food basket . They opened the food basket to know from where the noise came. When they opened the basket they found the vegetables which were in the basket jumping out of the basket and running everywhere in the kitchen . Vegetables were alive …

The vegetables were going crazy and jumping everywhere .

Maya and her mother tried to catch them but they kept running non stop . Vegetables were everywhere.  Every Time they try to catch some they fall on the floor in a hilarious way . The vegetables became crazy and threw everything on their way . They broke some dishes , they threw dish soap on the floor and they threw all the plants on the floor. Maya and her mother couldn’t catch them . The vegetables jumped on their heads and when they tried to catch them they couldn’t either …

The vegetables then ran outside the house and kept running non stop. When they were outside the house , Maya’s dog found the vegetables running from the house. The vegetables jumped over it’s head and then ran away. The dog was astonished to find alive vegetables running in front of it…

Maya kept calling the dog to ask it to stop the vegetables from escaping . The dog didn’t know what to do . It blocked their way and kept barking at the vegetables but they managed to escape outside the house. The dog left the house to run after the escaping vegetables followed by Maya and her mother. The vegetables ran across the street . All cars stopped suddenly because of the vegetables. The vegetables kept running and running till they found a school . They went inside to hide from Maya and her mother. When they went inside they found a lot of kindergarten  children in the playground. When children found the vegetables , they ran after them to catch them . Vegetables scattered everywhere to run away from the kindergarten crazy kids. The kids were so happy to find the vegetables in their school . They kept screaming out of happiness. They raced to catch the vegetables . Some of the kids caught some of them and put them in their bags . Others put them in their pockets but when the bell rang , all kids ran inside .

When they left to their classroom , vegetables escaped from the kids . The vegetables made chaos in the classroom . They kept jumping on their desks . Children moved out of their seats to catch them but the vegetables jumped out of the window . Children ran to see what happened but they found vegetables running outside school . Vegetables escaped from school .

Maya and her mother were looking for them outside school . They found them running fast towards the streets again. Maya and her mother asked them to stop but they didn’t.  The vegetables found a river , so they headed towards the river and looked at Maya and her mother . They found them running towards them so they decided to jump in the river … the crazy vegetables jumped into the water…

Maya and her mother took a look at the vegetables which jumped in water . They found the vegetables floating on the surface of the water and waving at them in a funny way . The vegetables kept making funny faces at them because they were happy that  they escaped from them . Maya and her mother kept looking at them and laughing.

Maya’s mother kept shaking Maya to wake her up . Maya slept on the kitchen table after they came back from the vegetable market . Maya woke up . Maya’s dream was very funny . She told her mother that she had a very funny dream . She told her mother about her dream and told her how funny the vegetables were. They both laughed at her dream .

They started cooking the vegetable soup. It was very delicious. They ate it for dinner. Her mother then took Maya to her bed and read her a story about vegetables till she slept …

The End

Funny bedtime stories told us a story about Maya’s dream and how she had a funny dream about some crazy vegetables that escaped from them .

Hope you liked this one .

See you again my little kids with another story.

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