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Fantasy love stories

Fantasy love stories

Fantasy love stories tell us some lovely stories about love among all creatures . Love among creatures is the best thing that can be seen .

Fantasy love stories

Fantasy love stories show us how important love is and how it helps creatures in giving more to each other . Fantasy gives more beautiful atmosphere to such stories because they give us the magical atmosphere we are looking for.

Let’s read the following lines together…

The purple moon land

In a beautiful imaginary world similar to ours , imaginary fantastic creatures existed . These fantastic creatures had magical powers and abilities that none of us on our real world have . The magical creatures lived in peace with each other on their land … the land of the purple moon…

The land of the purple moon was so beautiful . They had a very big and unique purple moon which sent its rays on their land every night . They had houses built on trees facing the purple moon.

The land of the purple moon had loving creatures . They all loved each other and always backed each other in all situations .
They had a big well built by their ancestors which was known for it’s being the main source for maintaining their power . Their ancestors told them that a long time ago …

They used to drink from the well to maintain their powers . No one else can gain power from the well except for the magical creatures who were on the land of the purple moon . Their ancestors told them that they built it and casted a spell to make them the only ones to benefit from . They also told them that the power they have inside their hearts can be beyond limits and for sure was more powerful than the powers of the well. They can change creatures with the power that they had inside them .

The powers that they had came from inside them and the love and care they show towards each other and towards other magical creatures around them was the main reason for their magical powers. They never knew that the love and care that they show to each other can be unstoppable power.

There was another land on the other side , the land of the evil king who always wanted to destroy their land because he couldn’t control them . It was the land of darkness.

The land of the darkness was a very dark land . The magical creatures on that land hated each other and didn’t want to help each other by any means . They only agreed on one thing … to destroy the land of the purple moon . They couldn’t understand how can creatures on that land love each other that much . They never helped each other and never understood how can creatures help each other without benefits.

The creatures who lived in the land of the moon have always feared the evil king . He was looking forward taking control of their land. He was very evil and used black magic to destroy their land but every time they become stronger and rebuild what was been destroyed . He kept sending black magic creatures to try to weaken them but they helped each other every time and they won every battle with him.

The evil king never won any battle because they all were helping each other . All the magical creatures in the land of the moon gained their strength from helping each other. They never let each other down . Their love and devotion to each other never failed them. The evil king knew that their strong bond was the reason for his losing in front of them all the time which made him think of breaking this bond which will make him stronger. He also wanted to take the land to have all the magical powers of the well that they have in their land . Stories have been told about how magical their well was and that when they drink from it they gain more powers but he didn’t know that the people of the purple moon were the only ones to benefit from the well no matter what. The magical creatures in the land of the moon had amazing magical powers . The best of all was that they could fly high to the moon at night and had the power of speed . They were so fast
and could go anywhere in a glimpse of an eye. They could reach the moon and come back in a couple of hours . The moon was a blessing to them . They loved the moon . It gave them a positive boost for their powers. The moon was magical . It was a very big purple moon surrounded by glittering stars.
Their race to the moon was their best time . All of the land creatures gathered at night and raced to the moon . They loved to race to see who will be the fastest . It was so fun for them . It was their only time that they forget about the evil king and what he kept doing to their land .

One day the evil king gathered the people in his land and told them that he came up with the idea which will make them take the land of the purple moon from their people without battles. They started to give him attention.
He told them that they will have to cast spells on themselves to change their appearances so
that the land of the purple moon creatures won’t recognize them .
He added that they will go to them and tell them that their land was been destroyed by him and that they need shelter till they find another land for them . They all loved the idea which was an intelligent one this time away from all battles.

He told them that they must be the ones who control their well and their land to have more powers all the time.

They all agreed to prepare the spells and to change their appearances the following day . They
all returned to their dark houses to prepare the spells. They didn’t know that their plan will not go
the way they planned.

The following day all the creatures of the land of darkness gathered to cast their spells. The spells resulted in their changing their appearances completely . They became unrecognized.
They all were satisfied about the way they looked and started their next step which was going to
the land of the purple moon.

They reached the land of the purple moon. When the guardians of the land saw them , they asked them about the reason they came to the land so they told them that they were asking for shelter because the evil king destroyed their land. When the creatures of the purple land heard what they said , they welcomed them. The king of the land welcomed them too and told them that he will give them all support needed . All purple moon land creatures welcomed them to stay in their houses .

They gave them a warm welcome . When they all settled down , they gave them the best food and the best clothes to wear . The warmth in their hearts was different to the darkness land creatures. They felt different . The power inside their hearts started to throw it’s magic on every creature of the land of darkness.

When the evening came and all creatures left to sleep , they gathered to see what they will do .
They agreed that they will go on with their plan and will try to be their best friends so that they could know their weakness points.

The purple moon creatures gave the darkness land creatures all the best they had from warmth and love till the darkness land creatures started to feel something different inside them .

They started to feel loved and that was a different for them . For the first time in their life they felt love and been loved . They never knew what that meant before. Creatures of the purple moon land cared so much for them and gave them extra attention . They shared many activities with them and showed them what fun meant .
The creatures of the land of darkness didn’t have the same powers to fly to the moon as they had so the purple moon creatures helped them fly with them . It was a magical scene for them . The beauty of the purple moon lightened their soul.
They learned many new things in their lives , things that they never knew that it existed.

The creatures of the purple moon land showed them their well and told them everything about it
. They also told them that it was useless for outsiders and to prove what they were telling them
,they asked them to drink from the well. The creatures of darkness land drank from the well and
nothing happened to them so they found that all what they were looking for was not there .

Creatures of darkness land kept gathering every night but things started to become different . At first they were completely with the idea of destroying the purple moon land but it started to change by time .

Their gatherings became different . They started somehow to lose interest in what they were
discussing . Their king felt that too and felt that his creatures started to love the land . Some of
them by time started to argue about some things that they used to agree about .
The evil king started to feel the threat and that all what he was planning for was all in vain. He
thought that he might do something about it before he loses all their support. He thought that he
might do some harm to their king so that they start to fight again which wasn’t a very good plan
for him , but he was losing all the support from his creatures.
He was also afraid that his heart changes like all of the rest . He felt things too that he never felt
before which made him feel a little bit different than he used to be . The magical beauty of the
land of the moon creatures started to lighten his soul too.

The evil king was on his way to the king of the purple moon land to go on with his plan when
suddenly he fell down on his leg and hurt his leg very bad . The people of the purple moon land
saw him . They hurried to help him . They helped him to move and to get medical help . The
king’s heart started to feel the real goodness and love of them. The magic inside their hearts
affected the evil king more and more.
For the first time he actually let someone help him. The creatures of the purple moon land took
a very good care of the king. They gave him all attention needed. Finally the king changed and
felt real love feelings and real appreciation towards them . They were good people . He finally
was convinced to stop all of the unnecessary battles and leave them alone . He thought also
that there might be a peaceful way for both of them to deal with each other.
When he was healed completely , he gathered his creatures again to tell them about his
peaceful decision . They all were so relieved about what he told them. They too loved the purple
moon creatures and didn’t want to harm them at all. All the darkness in their hearts changed
because of the magic of the land. The backed their king in his decision . They also agreed that
they had to tell them the truth about who they were because they owed them that .

The following day , the darkness land creatures asked the purple moon people to gather so that
they reveal their true identities. When they told them the truth , they forgave them and agreed to
their peaceful solution .
The darkness land creatures didn’t expect all of that forgiveness from their side .
The purple moon creatures also asked them to stay as long as they want and told them that
they were welcomed any time .

The creatures of the purple moon land asked them to start a new life for them and to start
appreciating and helping people so that they can spread the good deeds among everyone .
They asked them also to change the name of their land to a more better name .

The king agreed completely to what they told him and the same for the rest of the rest of the
other ones of his land.
Finally the pure love and care changed the darkness land king and his people. Their life
completely changed because of love and care.

The End

Fantasy love stories told us the story of the two different lands and showed us how important
love is . Love helped to change the strong hearts .

Hope you enjoyed this story. See you again sweet bears…

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