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English story for students

English story for students helps students in their life. students want some one to teach them. English story for students will teach our little students many useful things.

English story for students

English story for students takes you from your house to other wonderful places throw our site English story for kids. English story for students is simple and useful for both you and your kids.

The brave dog 


our hero is the brave dog(Rex) the most beautiful and wonderful dog you can see in your life. Rex wasn’t only a brave dog but it also was a funny dog. it’s owner was an old man that called mat .

mat was living alone in his house with his brave dog Rex. One day the old man was sick and he couldn’t go out to buy his break fast then Rex saw his friend that was sick, Rex took mat’s wallet and went out the house. Rex hurried up and crossed the street.

suddenly a car was there it pushed Rex strongly . Oh! poor Rex . It was injured . its arm was broken. But the brave dog didn’t give up . It continued in his way . where did Rex go? It was going to the…. yes, it was going to the supermarket, why did it was going there ? It was going to the supermarket to bring the breakfast to his sick friend . That reaction of Rex was very kind.The old man was in his bed suffering and no one there to take care of him . Now , Also Rex is scuppering from his broken arm would it reach the supermarket ? would it bring the breakfast to his friend? The answer of these two questions is yes. It would reach the supermarket and bring the breakfast.

Rex was brave. it ran to the supermarket and pushed the door. it saw many things. it saw 5 men and tow women. It also so a lot of children. It looked for the kinds that his friend like to have on breakfast. It looked for butter, cheese and egg. Those three kinds of food were the kinds that the old man likes. suddenly one of the two women talked to Rex and said: oh! poor dog what happened to you ? that woman was a beautiful woman and she was very kind. she helped Rex and made it more comfortable. then Rex hurried up to catch the three kinds of food to go home. In a hurry Rex bring butter, cheese and egg in the basket and went to the cashier and gave him the wallet of his friend. Rex was very happy that he could bring the breakfast of his friend. Now Rex is ready to give the cashier the money that the breakfast cost. the cashier wondered that the dog was alone and have a lot of money.

Rex gave the money to the cashier then the cashier gave Rex the change. Rex now is so happy. It had the breakfast of his friend and hurried up to went home.

Rex went to his friends house. Rex reached the house,then he pushed the door and ran towards his friend. The old man was very happy to see Rex coming back with his breakfast. when the old man opened his breakfast and found the three kinds that he likes very much, he was happy and kissed Rex. The old man had his delicious breakfast and smiled to Rex. Rex arm was be her and the old man had some medicine and became better. The old man was grateful to Rex. Rex was happy that his friend was getting better. Every morning Rex made what it made. It went to the supermarket and brought his friend breakfast until the old man was fine. mat the old man became fine and want to give are ward to Rex because Rex was brave and helped him strongly. mat thought that the best reward to Rex is to build a wonderful house for Rex. Immediately mat began to built the wonderful house. Rex was helping him in building the house. one day a young man came to the house of the old man. That young man was mat’s nephew. The young man was called Mathew. He would stay with his uncle for three months. Day after day Rex liked Mathew. Mathew helped his uncle to b wilt Rex house. once Mathew wanted to go t the post office to send a letter to his family. But Mathew didn’t knew he to go to the post office his uncle Mat told him that the brave dog Rex

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