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English short stories for beginners

Speed short stories for beginners

English short stories for beginners tell short stories for the little beginners who would like to learn through reading easy stories.

English short stories for beginners

English short stories for beginners are the way to entertain your small children through presenting some lovely and short stories.

Let’s read the following lines together…


Speed was the name of an Arabian black horse . He was a very beautiful and unique horse . He was named Speed by Marianne , his owner.

Speed was so loyal to his owner Marianne… Marianne owned a big stable which was full of horses, but Speed was her favourite .

Speed spent all his time with her . Speed’s mother was one of the horses that Marianne’s father owned . She died giving birth to Speed and since that time Marianne became the one to take care of the little one .

Marianne was young when she saw Speed . She loved him the moment she laid her eyes on him . When her father asked her about the name she chose for the little horse, she told him that she chose Speed . She chose the perfect name for him because he grew up to be a very fast horse … the fastest among all other horses in the stable…

Speed and Marianne had a very strong relationship . When they both were young , they both followed each other everywhere. Speed was Marianne’s first horse . When she was learning to ride horses , she chose to ride Speed only .

They both learnt how to race together . They used to practice together all the time and when Marianne’s father noticed how they were improving , he started to professionally train them so that they can participate in races.

Marianne’s first race was when she was sixteen . She remembers everything about it . They both helped each other to win their first race . It was a very important moment in her life . She remembers her first cup that she won .

The first time she won the cup she was so happy and so was Speed . They kept jumping over the slides happily . She then gave him a lot of sugar cubes and apples as an extra bonus for him .

It was for sure a special day . She remembers that when they left the race , they took a long walk on the beach . It was sunset time and the beach was coloured in dark blue and the waves were moving smoothly . It was the perfect atmosphere for winners .

Marianna rode her horse on the beach . They had much fun .

Today , Marianne celebrates Speed’s birthday . She organized a small party to celebrate the event and to celebrate their winning almost all races .

Marianne invited the people that she loved to celebrate with her . It was evening time and the lights were everywhere . She baked a very big cake herself with a small horse made of sugar dough on top of it.

Songs were played at the party spreading enthusiasm among people . Who wouldn’t love such a party . Everyone was happy and having fun.

People there really enjoyed their time to the max.

Marianne took a piece of the cake to her beloved horse . When Speed saw her he started moving happily in the stable. She gave him the cake to eat . Speed ate it all at once . It was delicious.

Marianne hugged her horse warmly and then rode him to take another walk on the beach . It was night time and the area was so quiet . The proper time to have a ride…

Marianne kept talking to her horse as if he understandood her words . Speed too was quiet and didn’t make any sound as if he was listening to her words . He seemed as if he understood what she was saying .

It was such an unbreakable bonding between both . Aren’t they lucky…

The End

English short stories for beginners presented the characters , Marianne and her beautiful horse speed. Don’t we all hope to own such a beautiful horse …

I hope that you enjoyed reading this story because if you do then you should wait for the coming one…

See you again sweet pies…

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