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Easy short stories

Easy short stories

Easy short stories are easy stories for your children . They have simple and easy events that can be easily understood by your child.

Easy short stories

Easy short stories are simple and can be read by your child . They can be a good practice for your child while teaching him to read . You definitely can give him an easy short story and ask them to read it .

Let’s read the following story together…

I want to become a pilot

Joseph was an eight years old boy. He was at his school . His teacher was explaining a lesson about jobs . She asked them to prepare a good presentation about  their fathers’ jobs . She asked them to prepare the presentations at their houses to explain it in front of the class the following day.

Joseph have always loved his father’s job . His father was a pilot . His father used to travel a lot . He loved flying so much . He used to tell Joseph that flying gave him a great feeling and a sense of greatness that he could never let go of .

His father took Joseph a lot with him . He took him to his work and showed him the place where he worked . He showed him the airport where all planes settled . Joseph saw very big planes on land next to each other.

He’s been to the airport from the inside and saw where they kept the luggage . The airport was a very big place for him . It was a very big place but a very close one to his heart . He loved his father’s job a lot . His father showed him everything about planes .

Joseph’s father showed him how to drive an airplane . He made him fly once with him and and supervised him flying the plane . He felt so excited and it was unforgettable for him .

When he flew , he found himself flying high that he could touch the clouds . He felt so close to the birds and the sky . He felt that he had wings which gave him a wonderful experience .

Joseph felt that the airplane was his second home . He dreamt to become like his father one day . He dreamt of working as a pilot too . To be in the sky was his dream . He wanted to fly like birds in the sky . His father was his model that he looked with pride at . He was his hero .

He told his father a lot that he wanted to become like him when he grows up but his father told him that in order to become a pilot like him , he had to study hard and learn more .

Joseph felt that it was unfair that he had to wait till he grows up and that he was experienced enough to fly by himself . He thought that it was okay to drive alone when being a child . Whenever he told his father that , he couldn’t find out the reason behind his father’s laughs .

Joseph went home and started writing a good presentation about being a pilot . He wrote everything he did with his father and wrote all his dreams becoming a pilot . His father went to check on him and found that he was writing about him .

His father was so happy at Joseph and read his presentations . He loved what he wrote and believed that it would make a very good presentation . His father discussed a lot with him and they kept talking till it was time for Joseph’s bed . His father took him to his bed and told him that he was so proud of his presentation .

Joseph was so happy of what his father told him .

The following day , when Joseph went to his school , he explained his father’s job to his class . He talked with deep passion and talked in a way that caught all their attention . His teacher was so pleased at his presentation and all the class clapped their hands for him when he finished .

Joseph was so happy that they liked his presentation. When he went to his house , he told his parents about his presentation at school. He kept talking about it for a long time till his parents asked him to go to finish his homework…

Joseph’s dream was to become a pilot like his father . It was his precious dream that can happen if he worked hard enough …

The End

Easy short stories described Joseph’s dream to become a pilot . We all dream of becoming pilots . Flying high is everyone’s dream …

See you again my children …

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