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Cute short stories for kids

Cute Short Stories For Kids PDF

Cute Short Stories For Kids
Cute short stories for kids are the kind of stories that we sometimes tend to read.Every now and then we need to read such a cute story to feel some happiness out of something sweet that we read about.

It was their last day at school before the holiday It was a very relaxing day since all kids knew that the following day will be off and the same for the rest of the week So they were so excited All kids were busy telling their friends what they are planning to do All kids will spend some fun time with their families Spend some time without going to school and without doing home works Without rules.

Mom and Dad too took their holiday time at work and both were waiting for their kids The bell rang with strong loud knocking on the door nonstop.

Their mother opened the door to find both Celi and Yaritza jumping in screaming and dancing in a funny way saying together: It’s vacation time It’s vacation time.

The girls wore their swimming rings and started swimming with mom and dad They swam a lot and enjoyed their time with their parents The water was so warm They saw fish swimming next to them and jumping on the surface of the water.

The following day was sunny too They decided to go to the beach playing area It was an area next to the beach You can see the beach ahead The area was surrounded by a fence having a pool inside and some kids games When they reached the place they found slides heading to the water They found swing sets and some inflatable bouncing castles.

The kids were overwhelmed with happiness and started playing with games found in the kids area It was quite an amazing time for them They kept playing till they felt so tired out of playing.

The road was long They finally reached their house It was evening time The kids changed their clothes to prepare themselves for sleeping.

Their parents took them both to their beds The kids kept on talking about how amazing their vacation was and how the games were perfect and kept on talking about it to their parents till they fell asleep.

Cute short stories were the one we told you this time Who doesn’t like vacation It’s the time we all the time wait for Hope you enjoyed reading this story.

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