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Cute bedtime stories

Ballerina Cute bedtime stories

Cute bedtime stories are short stories describing a simple cute story about it’s  characters . These short stories are light ones since they entertain your child.

Cute bedtime stories

Cute bedtime stories are fun and doesn’t waste your child’s time on other things that don’t benefit him .

Let’s read the following story to know what it’s talking about .


Once upon a time there was a cute little girl whose name was Christine . Christine had a very beautiful dog that followed her wherever she went . She called her dog Silver . Silver was a lovely dog and wasn’t at all a trouble maker.

Christine was going to go to the toys store to buy a new toy for her . She was going to buy a ballerina doll . She saw the ballerina in the toys shop a month ago and her mother promised her to buy it for her if she behaved and studied well and that’s what she did . The ballerina she chose could dance and move like a real ballerina .

Christine and her mother left the house to go to the store . Silver didn’t leave his favorite friend Christine . He accompanied both of them . He was having fun on the way . Silver was jumping and playing with it’s tail because of the beautiful weather . Silver loved going out and with such a beautiful sunny weather it was having so much fun .

Silver kept playing all through the way and moving in front of them and wagging it’s tail because it was so happy . It moved between their legs happily .

They finally reached the shop . Silver was going inside the shop with them but when the shop worker saw it , he didn’t  want to allow it inside …

When Christine asked Silver to stay outside till they buy the doll , Silver felt so sad and looked very sad . When he saw how sad the dog looked , he pitied the dog and asked Christine to take it inside with her but to keep it calm and not to make any mess inside . Christine agreed immediately.

Christine took her dog inside . When they were inside it was such a wonderful place for both of them . It was a magical place for both indeed . A magical world full of breathtaking  toys . Both Christine and Silver were gazing at that magical place which was full of mesmerizing toys . Many toys were around . Beautiful toys were there . A lot of new toys too were there . Silver kept moving it’s tail from side to side and barked happily because of what it was seeing .

Christine was looking happily at all of the different dolls at the shop . They had many beautiful dolls and all were wearing beautiful shimmering and colorful dresses .

Christine finally found her doll . The ballerina she was looking for . She picked her doll and jumped out of happiness . Her dog too barked out of happiness and moved it’s tail happily .

She picked the doll and took it to the cashier to buy it . The cashier took the money from her mother and put the ballerina in a colorful bag for Christine .

Christine left the shop with her dog . She was so happy because she bought the doll she wanted .

All the way , Christine and Silver kept jumping happily all through their way back to their house .

When they reached their house , they hurried inside to open the doll . When she opened the doll’s box , and turned it’s button on so that it starts dancing , the doll kept dancing beautifully in some ballerina steps . Both Silver and Christine imitated the doll and kept dancing like the ballerina . Christine ‘s mother was so happy and kept laughing at them because they were so funny.  

Silver and Christine kept dancing for quite a long time imitating the doll . They didn’t move away from the doll except when it was only lunch time .

They had their lunch quickly and hurried to dance with the doll again . They danced non stop till night time . When it was Christine’s bed time , she took both Silver and her doll to sleep next to her . Silver slept under her feet and she cuddled her doll till she deeply fell asleep .  

Christine’s mother covered her and kissed her goodnight . She knew that her daughter felt so tired because she was playing with the doll all the day .

She turned the lights off and left the room …

Christine fell in deep sleep because she was so exhausted playing with her new doll . She was so happy that she finally bought her new doll .

The End .

Cute bedtime stories described Christine’s happiness because of buying her ballerina doll . Her dog’s happiness was almost the same like her . They danced for a long time indeed .

Hope you liked this story .

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See you again sweet children.

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