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Children stories with morals

Children stories with morals

Children stories with morals are perfect teaching the little ones how to behave and teach them how to actually learn better habits dealing with their surroundings …If you have a child who needs to be taught some morals ,then there is no better than reading him/her a moral story …

Children stories with morals

Children stories with morals teach your child manners that you need him/her to actually follow in an indirect way. Honesty, respect, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, responsibility, etc. … All are good manners that your child needs to learn to grow up in a decent way. Raising a child up with good manners is number one priority to parents. In the following story we will be presenting good morals to your child in the most simplified way to your little child. So let’s begin narrating the story …


Yaritza and Celi were watching television. Their mother was cooking in the kitchen their lunch so that when their father comes they eat with him.

Their father knocked the bell, their mother opened the door and both quickly ran to salute him giving him a warm welcome.

The father: How are you both my little beautiful creatures? How was your day at school? Was it good? Were you good today at school?

They both confirmed that they were so good at school and that everything was okay.

Their father took a look at their mother doubting what they told him because he was so sure that his little creatures are by no means angels …

He winked at their mother and said: Alright honey, seems that your little angels are ready to eat.

Their mother said: Don’t we have amazing kids? , adding with a smile.

She started preparing the table and put their lunch .She called them all to eat.

Once they all sat to eat, both Yaritza and Celi started looking at each other and didn’t want to start eating.

Their mother noticed that they weren’t eating so she asked them why they haven’t started eating.

She added saying: I cooked your favorite food…Why aren’t you eating?

Yaritza said: Well mommy, we don’t want to eat that. We know that this is our favorite food but we decided that we don’t want to eat that today. We want to eat pizza. We are not going to eat that now!

Both their parents fell angry because their mother took time to cook their lunch and because both didn’t appreciate the time their mother spent to cook their food to them.

Their father told them that that was the only food they will be presented and that no other food will be presented for them. He told them that they either eat what they have in front of them or they would just go up to their rooms without any food.

Yaritza said:  I don’t want to eat that food now. I will go upstairs without any food.

Celi followed her sister upstairs too.

Both their mother and father felt so much angry at what they have done and decided together that whether they start appreciating what they have or they better start teaching them a lesson concerning their horrible attitude as they both noticed that their children recently stopped behaving in good manners.

Their mother agreed and added: Well, let’s see tomorrow if they are going to apologize or not and start noticing them this week because if they didn’t behave, we better teach them a good lesson.

Their mother came with a brilliant idea suddenly and shared it with her husband.

Their father happily said: Great idea, this one will at least teach them how to start appreciating what they have and what GOD granted them.

The following day both girls woke up in the morning dressed, they went down to the kitchen to eat their breakfast. They didn’t apologize for their bad behavior on the previous day.

Their mother said: Good morning kids. I’ve packed your school snacks for you in your bags. Your school bus is on the way now. You have five minutes to be prepared and wear your shoes.

They both wore their shoes and then the bus came. They took their bags and left.

Their father woke up, prepared himself to go to work and he went downstairs to have his breakfast with his wife.

The father: Good morning.

The mother gave him a smile and said: Good morning. I’ve prepared your breakfast. Come and join me.

He gladly sat on the table to eat.

He asked her: Did the kids apologize for their behavior yesterday?

She added: No. I waited for them to apologize but they didn’t.

He said: Wait for this week only as we agreed, if they didn’t behave, we will proceed with what we agreed on.

She agreed with him.

They both left for their work.

The following days were by no means better. The kids kept on misbehaving and disagreeing with everything with their parents. Those days were full with a lot of “no” ,”we don’t like that”, “we want something else”, “we want to buy this thing” and “ we want that thing that looks like this someone’s things”.

When it was weekend, their parents decided to proceed with their idea .They took them to the car. Their father drove the car and decided not to tell them where they were going. He first stopped at the supermarket and then stopped at a small shop. He bought large bags full of things they didn’t know anything about.

Their father stopped the car. They all got out of the car. The kids found themselves in front of an “orphanage”…

When they went inside, the head of the place greeted them and asked them to sit down.

Their father said: We came today to give you donations for the little orphans. We also have some presents and sweets to give to them if you may.

The head thanked all of them warmly and told them that it was really appreciated.

She added saying: They will be extremely happy because most commonly we don’t have enough money for such things here. Nearly all the money is spent on the basic food supplies and medical care. Unfortunately we wish to do more with these kids but we barely have enough donations to take care of their basic needs.

Yaritza and Celi were astonished of what she said .They didn’t know that orphans don’t have that luxurious treatment they get from their parents.

Yaritza said: Do they get to choose food or clothes or go out for small picnics?

The head of the orphanage said: They barely have such choices honey. They don’t have parents to do that to them. No parents to take them to picnics, or prepare for them their favorite food or even take them shopping to buy the clothes they want.

She added addressing Yaritza: They know that they don’t have a lot of choices and they learned to appreciate what they have only.

Yaritza and Celi felt really sad for the orphans.

Then the head asked them to see the orphans to give them the bags their father brought for them so that they see the happiness they will show when they receive such presents.

When the kids saw them the head asked the orphans to come and thank this family because they brought them sweets and presents.

The kids came running to thank them happily for what they bought them.

They were so happy.

Yaritza, Celi and their parents kept on passing sweets and presents to them and the kids kept thanking them happily.

The small family spent the day playing with the orphans. Their father started telling stories to the orphans & the mother started combing the girls’ hair and making amazing hairdos to them. Even Yaritza and Celi played a lot with the orphans.

It was a very lovely day for the family.

When it was time to leave they all greeted them and asked them to come again. They all said goodbye and left.

On their way home Yaritza and Celi learned the lesson quite well. They learnt that they have a lot of things to thank their parents for. They have many things to appreciate.

Yaritza and Celi both apologized for their bad behavior and bad manners that they have shown their parents in the last few days.

They added that they have to start behaving because they have so many good things in their lives.

Yaritza said: I love you mommy and daddy so much. I am so happy that I have you both in my life because I would have been so sad if I didn’t have you like those orphans.

Celi too added: Yes that’s right. I love you so much. I will never do any more bad things to you.

Their mother and father were so happy that they actually learned something from what took place in the orphanage and learned that they have to appreciate all things surrounding them.

They all continued their way to their house happily. It was a long day for the kids that they will never forget.

The End

Children stories with morals are the best way to teach children morals. Through this story we taught children that appreciating things we have in our lives is a blessing…It is a blessing when you stop bothering people around you with things that you don’t actually need. Always know that there are people surrounding you who don’t have what you have in your life. Not all people can buy everything or have everything they want.

Always be humble and have gratitude of what you have.

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