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Bedtime stories online

Daniel’s prank Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories online are some online short stories to be read to your children . Short stories to be read are good for you child’s imagination .

Bedtime stories online

Bedtime stories online can have imaginary or real events but in both cases they encourage your kids reading …

Let’s read the following lines…

Daniel’s prank

Adam was a  good school student . He had that kind of character that everyone loved. They all loved him in his school because he helped everyone who needed help. He was kind to everyone around him.

Adam loved to read and loved going to the school library a lot because he found that books were like adventures and every time he reads a book it takes him away in a new adventure.

One day , Adam was late at school … He finished his school day but was going to stay after school for some extra reading at the library. He wanted to read a good story for a new adventure.

Almost all school was empty except for some students who were still staying with him in the library.

Adam loved to take the book that he wanted to read to a specific table under the window . He loved that table a lot . He took the book he chose to his favorite table and then sat down on his table to read to the book.

The book was a scary book .  He was into the book and totally was been taken by its events . He didn’t pay attention to anything around him at all . He lost track of time reading his book . He read the quarter of the book and then stopped to go to his home.

He left the book with the librarian so that he continues reading it the following day on his favorite table .

All his way back to his house he was thinking about his story and how scary the book events were. When he reached his home , he called his friend and told him about the story that he was reading and told him that it was about whisperers who whisper to people and asking them to do things that they ask them to do otherwise they kidnap them. His friend listened carefully to what his friend was saying and paid him extra attention this time . Daniel , Adam’s friend, was a very good friend to Adam . He always back him up no matter what .

Adam hung up the phone and left to sleep .

The following day , Adam finished his school classes and then after school he left to the library to continue reading his book.

He sat on his table and started to read again . Adam was reading his book and didn’t pay attention that there was a movement next to him .

Suddenly Adam heard a low voice calling his name . At first he thought that it was his imagination.  He started to pay attention again to the sound but found that the voice was clear and for sure real.

Adam was so scared and didn’t know what he should do . He tried to look for someone next to him but he couldn’t.  He tried to look for the librarian but he wasn’t there . Adam was afraid that his was living the story events and that the characters were alive . The library too was empty and he couldn’t ask for anyone’s help.

Adam panicked and started running to escape from the library so as to go home . When he was running he suddenly found someone looking so scary running after him . Adam was really scared and kept running till he fell on the floor. The scary person kept getting closer till he was face to face with him . Adam was on the floor facing that scary person… alone …

The person then called him by his name again . Adam recognized the voice . It wasn’t strange at all .

Oh no … it was Daniel … that means that it was …a prank…

Adam removed the mask that Daniel was wearing to find him laughing so much at him . Adam kept hitting Daniel because he was really scared .

It was the scariest prank that was ever been done to him .

Adam was so upset with Daniel for doing that to him. Daniel pitied him because he was actually so scared of him .

Daniel apologized to Adam sincerely because he found that Adam was really upset from what he did to him .

Daniel didn’t stop apologizing till Adam forgave him.

They both then left to go home.

On their way home, Adam asked him how the library was empty like that when he was hiding there . He told him that he saw the librarian leaving to the principal’s’ office after he heard him calling the librarian . He was lucky enough to find the library empty from students at that time as well . He added that he was just lucky and that luck was next to his side .

Daniel couldn’t stop teasing Adam because he was so scared . They both laughed eventually . Daniel promised him not to do that to him again.

The End

Bedtime stories online told us a light story about Daniel and Adam.  Friends are a blessing but sometimes they love to prank us for fun . That doesn’t by any means mean that they don’t love us , it just means that they just love to have fun with us.

If you loved this story then wait for our coming one …

See you again.

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