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Bedtime stories for babies

Little baby Celine Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories for babies are stories presented in an easy way full of catchy events for little babies … If you want your little baby to have a nice time with you reading ,then you have to choose your baby a simple bedtime story.

Bedtime stories for babies

Bedtime stories for babies have characters like your babies . You will find them playing and acting like your messy babies.

What story we will read about this time. Let’s read together to know …

Little baby Celine

Christina was a sweet little girl . She had a little baby sister named Celine. Celine was definitely a very naughty baby . She was so hyper active . She gave Christina really hard times trying to follow her actions.

Celine was that type of babies who can’t stop moving or making troubles for a single second. Every step she takes was followed by troubles.

Christina was doing her best to help her parents to take care of baby Celine but sometimes they all just give up and let her do whatever she wanted.

Christina and her parents can hardly follow baby Celine all the time . Sometimes they have things in their lives that need to be taken care of .

Adding to that baby Celine used to cry all the time with or without a good reason which made the family go crazy . They lost their minds trying to take care of her.

Today was baby Celine’s birthday. Her parents and Christina exerted a lot of effort preparing for everything for the guests. They bought a lot of stuff to throw her a nice party . All the family members were coming to the birthday party.

Their mother woke up very early that day to finish her preparations for the party. She woke up by six in the morning . She hoped that she could finish what she wanted to do before her baby wakes up. Unfortunately Celine woke up with her . Their mother tried to sneak out of the door to try to prepare for the birthday party but the naughty baby woke up the moment she left her bed and because of that her mother had to wake up Christina to help her out and take care with her of baby Celine.

They both woke up so that they clean the house before the guests show up . They tried to do their best finishing everything but they were so tired to finish everything at the same time. They headed first to the living room to clean it up.

Her mother was carrying her but the moment she put her down on the floor was the time of the hurricane…

Baby Celine kept throwing all the pillow on the sofa and chairs on the floor . Christina and her mother kept putting all pillows back but the moment they put them back was the same exact moment baby Celine threw them again on the floor .

Both Christina and her mother shouted at the same time asking her not to throw anything again but baby Celine didn’t stop. Celine didn’t stop and they didn’t stop either. They kept putting back everything again . It took them about an hour to finish the living room. Baby Celine was so naughty and kept throwing everything around made them finish cleaning the living room late.

Christina and her mother headed to the kitchen after cleaning the living room to prepare the rest of the cakes for the birthday party. Christina helped her mother to bake cakes and to decorate them .

During that time their mother carried baby Celine a lot and tried as much to keep her out of trouble even Christina tried to play with her so that her mother could finish her baking preparations but that didn’t help a lot . When they were busy preparing juice baby Celine quickly opened the cabinets and spilled flour, sugar and oil on the floor and started making her own dough.

Their mother couldn’t believe how unlucky she was . She kept calling baby Celine naughty for making the kitchen messy and unclean. Baby Celine kept laughing and thought that they were playing with her. Poor mommy and Christina kept cleaning all that mess after . It took them more time to make the kitchen look like before. They finally finished and all the cakes and juice were ready.

They wanted now to go to get ready for the birthday party but another misbehavior was waiting for them .

Baby Celine didn’t want to dress up for her party at all. She kept running from her mother and sister . They both tried to dress her up but a lot of tries were in vain. They kept chasing baby Celine everywhere till they finally managed to dress her up after a lot of tries. The following battle was with her hair. She kept screaming and jumping so as not to comb her hair . Her mother finally combed her hair after a big war. Finally they won the war.

Oh baby Celine you are truly a small monkey . You give your family hard times.

Finally baby Celine was ready for her party. Her parents and Christina starting to dress up for the party too.

At last the small family was ready to welcome their guests . All their family members who were invited started coming the one following the other . Tables were beautifully organized . Delicious food and mouth watering cakes were put on tables.

They sang to baby Celine beautiful birthday songs and the baby was very happy .

Her mother started cutting the cakes and passing the plates to her guests. All of them loved the cakes that her mother baked.

Everything was perfect till baby Celine decided to get a piece of cake herself . When her parents and sister were busy with the guests , she decided to go up the chair and then jump to the table to bring herself a piece of cake.

When she was on the table . She sat on some cake pieces as a start and then she started eating a piece of cake with her hands . She was all over covered with cake cream .

You are so naughty baby Celine…

Her mother was shocked finding her this way but she couldn’t do anything except for laughing . All other guests too were laughing because she looked so funny .

Her mother took her to change her clothes . She changed her clothes and on her way baby Celine slept like an angel. She looked adorable sleeping . She was so naughty today and did a lot of bad things but in a glimpse she slept and she definitely looked so beautiful .

All guests started leaving and finally the small family had the time to rest . Baby Celine made them so tired trying to follow her all day .

They finally all went to sleep so that they rest to charge their energy for the following day with the baby.

The End

Bedtime stories for babies told us the story of little baby Celine who was fully charged the whole day for playing and messing things up.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

If you liked this story then you should wait for the coming one…

See you again with another adventure my beautiful children .

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