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Bedtime stories for 4 year olds

China ice festival Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories for 4 years olds are stories suitable for a 4 years old kid. You will read some stories that he/she will love . Stories with interesting contents will be presented in these stories.

Bedtime stories for 4 year olds

Bedtime stories for 4 years olds are stories with useful content to your child. Your child at that age is looking for something new to catch his attention rather than the ordinary way of giving him toys. Nothing useful than reading a story with lots of events to your child.

The following lines will tell us a short story so let’s read to know what will it present …

China ice festival

Yaritza and Celi were watching television with their mother. Their father came back home. He had a surprise for them . The girls gave their father a hug and then all sat in the living room.

Their father told them that he had invitations for them to go to China to the ice festival there . He told them that one of his friends who was from China invited them to go because his son was competing there . He told them that his son was to compete for the best iced work of art.

When the girls heard about travelling ,they were extremely excited. They were to travel the following day . They started packing to travel the next day .

The following day they left to the airport to take their plane . Their flight took a very long time . It took more than half a day . They finally reached China . China was a very big city . A beautiful one too …

They booked in the hotel that their father’s friend recommended which was near the place of the competition . The hotel was cozy and beautiful. Their father met his chinese friend and his son Li. Their father’s friend and his son greeted all of them warmly. They were so nice to them . They told them that they can’t wait to see them in the competition area . They hoped that his son wins the competition. They then left to prepare for the competition.

The family took some rest from the long flight and then they started to prepare themselves to go to the competition.

It was time for them to leave. Their father’s friend wrote them a paper of the place and its direction before he left to give to the one who will drive them to the competition.

They took a taxi and gave the paper to the driver . They reached their destination. When they reached the place of the competition they found that the place was amazing and was mind blowing. The lights were perfect and the ice sculptures were exquisite. They for sure took a lot of time to organize such an amazing atmosphere. Each year they have a different theme for their competition. That year’s theme was about sea life in general .They can carve real sculptures or imaginary ones.It’s a competitive event for people. Many people from around the world go to the competition. They compete for the best sculpture.

The organizers of the competition put the lights in a very beautiful way to lighten up the sculptures to add more beauty to them . The lights reflected the beauty of the iced art. The illuminated sculpture pieces were so beautiful.

All the competitors settled their work in the desired areas and waited for the judges .

The judges took a look at the beautiful sculptures that the competitors carved and found that they were so beautiful and all done with great care and amazing talented hands. It was time to judge the sculpture of Li . He made a beautiful mermaid sculpture . The mermaid sculpture was special and was different from a lot of sculptures made which made the judges write good notes about him on their results papers. Li was so excited that the judges paid him that attention . The small family and their father’s friend too were excited and assured him that his sculpture was great and told him that he might also win the competition.

It was now the time for announcing the winners. They announced three winners for the competition and Li was one of them . He took the second place . The small family and Li’s father were so happy for him and congratulated him for winning .

After announcing the winners fireworks started to light the sky. Colorful and cheerful fireworks lighted the sky. People there had an amazing festive spirit . They kept cheering for the winners and losers as well . The ice festival  was very nice one.

When celebrations finished , the small family went back to their hotel and slept.

The following morning Li and his father passed by their hotel to say goodbye to them and to ask them to visit them again. The family congratulated Li and his father again and promised them to come back to China whenever it was possible. Li and his father accompanied the family to the airport and waited for their plane to take off  the airport.

It was a good time for the family . They enjoyed their time in China although it was a short visit.

The flight took many hours but they finally arrived at their country. The reached their house at a late hour at night . They all left to their bedrooms because they were so exhausted.  

The End

Bedtime stories for 4 years olds presented the family’s trip to China after being invited from Li’s father who won the ice competition.

Hope that you enjoyed reading this story and hope that you wait for our next story.

See you again sweet bears.

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